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#India -Scrap Armed Forces Special Powers Act to save our democratic core #AFSPA

By ET Bureau | 24 Jul, 2013, , T K Arun     Scrap the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), not only to resolve the conflicts in Jammu and Kashmir and the north-east but also as part of reversing… Continue Reading →

Ishrat Jahan link: Untold story of a J-K encounter

Muzamil Jaleel : Srinagar, Wed Jul 17 2013, IE On the morning of June 28, 2004, about two weeks after 19-year-old Ishrat Jahan and three others were killed by Gujarat policemen in a fake encounter outside Ahmedabad, the Jammu & Kashmir… Continue Reading →

UNHCR rapporteur calls for repeal of AFSPA in India

The much-criticized Armed Forces Special Powers Act known as the A-F-S-P-A used by India in Kashmir and troubled northeastern states has once again come under fire — this time by the UN. The body has asked for an immediate repeal… Continue Reading →

#India – When a rape is not a rape #sexualviolence #Vaw #AFSPA

Freny Manecksha | February 16, 2013, Times Crest   In 2004 an iconic image, hailed as a feminist statement, depicted a dozen Manipuri women who had stripped in front of the headquarters of Assam Rifles, holding banners saying “Indian army rape us.”… Continue Reading →

PRESS RELEASE-Appeal from Civil `Society of Poonch to Govt of #India and #Pakistan

*APPEAL * *FROM THE CIVIL SOCIETY OF POONCH TO THE GOVT. OF INDIA AND PAKISTAN* Peace process means different things for the people living in different parts of Jammu and Kashmir. For the people residing alongside 103km long LOC in Poonch… Continue Reading →

#Rape by man in uniform (BSF), abandoned, No action taken neither by BSF nor by police #Vaw

28 December 2012   To The Chairman National Human Rights Commission Faridkot House Copernicus Marg New Delhi   Respected Sir   This is a sordid tale of a woman, who lost her family, livelihood and neighbourhood due to the river… Continue Reading →

Free Waqar Now

  Dear all We had started an  e-petition  addressed to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to take up the case of this Kashmiri student, Waqar  and many like him lamguishing in priosn, at ipetition website, but our petition was… Continue Reading →

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