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#India – Tribals, backwards seek own voices in Durga Puja this year #mustread

SURBHI KHYATI : Ranchi (Jharkhand), Sun Oct 13 2013,  year Over 15 districts spread across Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Orissa saw Durga Puja with a difference this festival season. Instead of the goddess slaying Mahishasur, the usual story… Continue Reading →

#India – Hem Mishra- JNU student and 2 others sent to 10 days police custody in Gadchiroli #WTFnews

PAVAN DAHAT, The Hindu Maharashtra police on Saturday sent Hem Mishra, a student of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi, on ten days Police Custody Remand(PCR). Hem Mishra, a resident of Almora in Uttarakhand, was arrested along with two… Continue Reading →

A Pakistani in Delhi

Farooq Sulehria Tuesday, June 11, 2013 On January 6, I nervously landed at the Delhi airport. I say nervously because I wasn’t there as a tourist. I had gone to India as a researcher – to spend six months conducting… Continue Reading →

Refashioning the Breast- Angeila Jolie #Breastcancer

Modern Medicine and Dispensable Female Body Parts Vol – XLVIII No. 20, May 18, 2013 | G Arunima Web Exclusives Expressing unease with the celebration of Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy, this article argues that the medical industry has played a masterstroke by… Continue Reading →

#India- Caste in Tamil Nadu

A History of Nadar Censorship Vol – XLVIII No. 03, January 19, 2013 | M S S Pandian Commentary Representations have been made by some of the political parties of Tamil Nadu to have a particular chapter in an NCERT Class IX… Continue Reading →

#Delhigangrape-It’s Not about Patriarchy #Vaw

Linking it to the Delhi gangrape is an exercise in self-delusion BY Omar Ahmad , Open Magazine, Jan 19,2013 TAGGED UNDER | violence | Delhi gangrape | patriarchal culture MISHIT Maybe it was inevitable, but it is still sad to see the protest around the death of… Continue Reading →

Rape Cultures in India- #mustread #Vaw #Torture #AFSPA

DECEMBER 23, 2012, Kafila.org tags: Delhi rape, violence on women in India by Nivedita Menon Guest post by PRATIKSHA BAXI Delhi has tolerated intolerable forms of sexual violence on women from all backgrounds in public spaces for decades. It is a public secret that… Continue Reading →

#India- Besides #Delhigangrape , there are rapes in #Kashmir #Vaw #Torture

Raped Twice By Inshah Malik 21 December, 2012 Countercurrents.org The gruesome gang rape that happened recently in the capital city New Delhi of India has knocked off the imagination of Indian Nation. The college going ‘girl’ was gang raped in… Continue Reading →

Immediate Release- POSCO and its sponsored goons threatening villagers

Dear Friends,   We had to confront with yet another pre-planned strategy of POSCO and its sponsored goons who were determined to threaten and humiliate our innocent villagers and almost forced us to give up our struggle against the forceful… Continue Reading →

#India- Jammed Wheels #disability #rights

Outlook Magazine | Oct 29, 2012   Sanjay Rawat Disabled girl in a wheelchair crossing the road in New Delhi rights: disabled people Jammed Wheels Out in our streets, disabled people feel the pain everyday Neha Bhatt The Gaping Holes… Continue Reading →

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