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Barrier and Challenges for Maternal Health and Nutrition in tribal areas – Jharkhand

Since 2005, the Government of India has launched a series of initiatives like the Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) and JSSK to address high maternal mortality, and the SRS surveys over the last decade show that maternal mortality has been steadily… Continue Reading →

Jharkhand Police seizes 5000 litres of country liquor

NEWS BITS April 11, 2014 ,   Noamundi: On Thursday, in a joint operation led by Chumpua SDPO P K Jena Odisha police and SDPO B Kullu Jagarnathpur, Jharkhand police raided a village Turli situated on border of both the states and destroyed… Continue Reading →

Jharkhand – Dayamani Barla of AAP complains to EC of assault, intimidation

Anumeha Yadav Dayamani Barla, social activist and AAP candidate for the Khunti Lok Sabh seat. File photo – Manob Chowdhury Dayamani Barla alleged that PLFI cadres were intimidating her party supporters on behalf of her rival, Jharkhand Party MLA Enos… Continue Reading →

Jharkhand – Hill of death- Abandoned Asbestos Mine

Author(s): Alok Gupta More than 200 people in 14 villages near Roro hill in Jharkhand are dying slowly because of an abandoned asbestos mine Asbestos dust from the defunct mine has turned the Roro hill white (Photos: Alok Gupta) During a… Continue Reading →

Prisons in Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Odisha see a wave of hunger strikes

Aarefa Johari ·   Since January 26, close to 500 prisoners in the jails of Jharkhand, Nagpur and Odisha have been on hunger strikes to highlight gaps in India’s criminal justice system   On Monday, 169 prisoners in Maharashtra’s Nagpur Central Jail… Continue Reading →

#India – Bastar’s ugly secret: 9,000 girls have been trafficked in the past decade #Vaw

Last November, 60 tribal girls from Chhattisgarh were rescued from a factory in Tamil Nadu. The episode put the spotlight on Bastar’s ugly secret: 9,000 girls have been trafficked in the past decade PRIYANKA KAUSHAL 2014-02-08 , Issue 6 Volume… Continue Reading →

#India – Is having toilets a Mission Impossible ?

Mission possible Author(s): Jitendra  , Alok Gupta  , Sayantan Bera  Jan 31, 2014 |  The Centre gives India just about eight years to free its villages of open defecation. This seems unlikely. But the states of Sikkim, Haryana and Jharkhand in India, and Bangladesh and… Continue Reading →

Jadugoda: Realities of India’s Nuclear Dream #mustread

Priyanka Loach Priyanka is a medical doctor, associated with the Indian Doctors for Peace and Democracy(IDPD). This article is adapted from her presentation in the South Asia conference organised in Kathmandu (Jan 14-16, 2014) by the International Physicians for Prevention… Continue Reading →

#India – Letter to Jharkhand govt on ‘ THR’ procurement for children

To   Shri Rajiv Ekka Secretary, Social Welfare Govt. of Jharkhand     Dear Shri Ekka,   The Working Group for Children Under Six (of the Right to Food Campaign and Jan Swasthya Abhiyan) has been closely following the efforts… Continue Reading →

#India – Welfare deaths – Delayed NREGA payments drive workers to suicide #WTFnews

Sandeep Pai, Hindustan Times   December 29, 2013   Mahatma Gandhi urged us, in our moments of doubt, to recall the face of the poorest person we may have seen and ask ourselves whether the step we are contemplating is likely… Continue Reading →

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