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Citizen journalism gets more stories out than traditional reporting in war-torn Syria

 June 16, 2014 London (16 June 2014). Citizen reporters are increasingly getting stories out of remote areas of Syria, which are difficult for traditional media to reach during the conflict, according to data collated for Index on Censorship magazine. It… Continue Reading →

#India- Tehelka is Dead, Long Live Tehelka #Sundayreading

BY AMIT SENGUPTA  NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND NOVEMBER 27, 2013 T Amit Sengupta was one of the editors at ‘Tehelka’, when it was still called the ‘People’s Paper’. In a heart-breaking account he narrates the fall of the magazine from the highest pedestals… Continue Reading →

Intelligence reporting or embedded journalism?

Why do spooks mostly feed us the apple-pie-cold-coffee stories instead of revealing information of the kind Gen Singh disclosed? Editors must get together to evolve a protocol for covering the intelligence beat says AJAZ ASHRAF Posted/Updated Monday, Sep 30, hoot.org Come to think… Continue Reading →

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