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Dissident Trinamool MP Kabir says Maoists helped Mamata win Assembly polls

Express news service Posted online: Sat Jan 05 2013, Kolkata : Fresh Row: CPM demands CM to explain ‘TMC-Maoist nexus’Dissident Trinamool Congress MP Kabir Suman on Friday told a news channel that Maoists were very much involved in the Nandigram movement and… Continue Reading →

#India- Sonali Mukherjee Rises From The Ashes #Vaw #Acidattack

Rising from the ashes Nov 24, 2012, Deccan Herald SHEER GRIT SonaLi Mukherjee, an acid attack victim who once wanted to end her life, is now awaiting facial reconstruction surgery. And with that a new life, says Kamayani Bali Mahabal… Continue Reading →

Debolina starts hunger strike in jail

KOLKATA, april 14, TNN : Arrested activist Debolina Chakraborty has started hunger strike in the CID custody on Friday to support the Nonadanga movement. Six other jailed activists will also start fasting from Saturday. Other political prisoners in different jails, too, have… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Irom Sharmila- My Poem for you

आज मेरा रोम रोम चीख रहा है एरोम तुम्हारे लिए चीख पुकार तो कब से दबी थी गुस्सा भी चीख चीख के निकला था vt स्टेशन पे तुम्हारी रिहाई की गुहार लगाकर मानों तन और मनं ऐसा थरका था लोगों… Continue Reading →

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