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Kavita Krishnan’s comments to Barkha Dutt on her article on Modi

Kavita Krishnan, Fcaebook Mesmerised by Modi’s “masterful” campaign strategy and the frenzied saffron surge at his nomination rally at Banaras, Barkha Dutt writes that “the weakest link so far is Modi’s failure in bridging the gap with India’s Muslims,” and… Continue Reading →

Why are Indian women being attacked on social media? #Vaw #Womenrights

By Divya AryaBBC Hindi, Delhi, May 8,2013 Sagarika Ghose has stopped giving her views on Twitter What does a top woman journalist do when she is threatened regularly with gang rape and stripping on Twitter? And what about when her… Continue Reading →

Does the Internet belong to the cyber bully? #FOS #FOE #Vaw

Rape threat to Kavita Krishnan   by Piyasree Dasgupta Apr 27, 2013, Firstpost   “Tell me where I should come and rape you using condom”, wrote someone to activist Kavita Krishnan during a public chat organised by Rediff.com. This person had chosen… Continue Reading →

Rape threats on Rediff.com : Kavita Krishnan speaks out #Vaw #Online

by Deepanjana Pal , FirstPost Apr 25, 2013   Activist Kavita Krishnan is used to caustic abuse being flung at her. It’s part and parcel of organising and attending demonstrations and an occupational hazard of being Secretary of the All India Progressive… Continue Reading →

Rediff.com Publicly apologise for failure to ensure safe chat space for women #Vaw #Online

Dear editor, Rediff.com Sir, Mr. Ganesh Nadar fom Rediff had contacted me yesterday to participate in a live chat today, and I agreed. Mr. Onkar Singh from Delhi‘s rediff office came to my office today to facilitate the chat, which… Continue Reading →

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