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#Sundayreading – Ramabai Nagar: 17 Years, 11 deaths, 26 injured and Justice is still awaiting

Submitted by TwoCircles.net on 13 July 2014 – By Yogesh Maitreya, Daisy Katta, “That firing was something as if it was firing of India and Pakistan war” said Bhante Kashyap, reminiscently, one of the eye witnesses of Ramabai Nagar homicide of 1997, in the… Continue Reading →

#India – Mirchpur violence a scar on society, says Supreme Court

Express News Service : New Delhi, Fri Oct 18 2013, 01 The Supreme Court Thursday described Haryana‘s 2010 Mirchpur violence against Dalits as a “scar on society” and said that burning a physically challenged girl alive was “unacceptable” from any standard… Continue Reading →

Extra Judicial Killing by central force while victim was standing in a queue to caste vote

2nd August 2013   To The Chairman West Bengal Human Rights Commission Bhabani Bhaban Alipur Kolkata   Respected Sir I want to bring into your notice on an incident of uncalled-for and unwarranted firing by Central Reserve Force personal during the… Continue Reading →

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