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#India – Gang rape survivor, a Dalit, sentenced to ten days imprisonment #Vaw #WTFnews

A Rape  Story In a country where a gangraped woman is sent to jail for going back on her statement in court, justice for sexual assault survivors is still a far cry BY Neha Dixit EMAIL AUTHOR(S), Open Magazine, June 8, 2013… Continue Reading →

Kurukshetra- Missing Prachi Kumari since 16days Kidnapped and Killed ? #Vaw

[email protected] The Station House Officer Ideal Police Station Kurukshetra University Geeta Kendra KURUKSHETRA   Subject: OUR SUSPICIONS ABOUT MISSING Prachi Kumari SINCE April 1, 2013   Sir,   Today is the 16th day of Prachi’s Missing from the University College of… Continue Reading →

Press release of protest by families and relatives of Maruti Suzuki workers

Press Release  On 2nd September 2012, over 400 relatives and families of workers of Maruti Suzuki protested against the arrests, torture and termination of workers, and demanded immediate release and work for all workers. The families and relatives who came… Continue Reading →

Dil Se Nahin Dimaag Se Dekho – Thoughts on Satyamev Jayate

 Aamir Khan, Abortion,  satyamev jayate by Lawrence Liang Guest post by SHOHINI GHOSH   The first episode of Aamir Khan’s much publicized TV show Satyamev Jayate telecast on May 6, 2012 dealt with “Female Foeticide”. The following is a reflection of the show’s line of reasoning…. Continue Reading →

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