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At Kudankulam, police intent not to uphold rule of law, but to crush dissenting voices’

By TWL Bureau A fact finding team that visited Idinthakarai village, the epicentre of the people’s movement against Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP), has found the State cracking down on the peaceful agitation with its full might to “teach people a… Continue Reading →

Fact Finding Report on the Suppression of Democratic Dissent in Anti-Nuclear Protests by Government of Tamil Nadu

  If you want to know how angry TN Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is against the people who dared to voice a view contrary to the nuclear establishment’s, read the press release attached. Just between September and December 2011, at a… Continue Reading →

Koodankulam: This Orgy of Intimidation and Vandalism Must End !

Here is the story in Meera Udaykumar’s own words.Her school was vandalised yesterday. Lalita Ramdas When Meera Udaykumar finally got home after a long and stressful day – and at my urging, she finally sent me the photographs you will… Continue Reading →

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