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A Glimpse into the Cinematic Expression of Gendering of women’s labor #SundayReading

by-Sania Muzamil The history of women in the workplace over the last one hundred years or so has been a constantly evolving domain, affected and determined by the changing scenarios of global issues and international relations. As nations birthed through… Continue Reading →

लुटेरे थैलीशाहों के लिए “अच्छे दिन” – मेहनतकशों और ग़रीबों के लिए “कड़े क़दम”!

सम्‍पादक मण्‍डल ‘मोदी सरकार’ के आते ही जिन अच्छे दिनों का शोर मचाया गया था, उनकी असलियत को अब आम लोग भी कुछ-कुछ समझने लगे हैं। बेशक़, ज़्यादा समझदार लोगों को इसे समझने में अभी वक़्त लगेगा। देशभर के तमाम… Continue Reading →

मई दिवस की कहानी – The Story of May Day

मज़दूरों का त्योहार मई दिवस आठ घण्टे काम के दिन के लिए मज़दूरों के शानदार आन्दोलन से पैदा हुआ। उसके पहले मज़दूर चौदह से लेकर सोलह-अठारह घण्टे तक खटते थे। कई देशों में काम के घण्टों का कोई नियम ही… Continue Reading →

2013 – The Year of the Low-Wage Worker

Sonali Kolhatkar jongjet303 / Shutterstock.com By Sonali Kolhatkar If the state of the U.S. economy were measured by how the vast majority of Americans are faring, rather than by stock prices on Wall Street, this year’s much-touted economic recovery would be a bust…. Continue Reading →

Times of India #ILeadIndia #CSR #PR campaign is actually #ImisleadIndia

PICTURE COURTESY- FACEBOOK GROUP– I MISLEAD INDIA  https://www.facebook.com/IMisleadIndia  Editor Times of India Subject- I lead India Campaign Sir, Times of India  launched the ‘ I lead India ‘ campaign, with great fan fare on May 22, 2013 and which you claim… Continue Reading →

Striking work in Maharashtra could land you in jail , Unions on warpath, to protest strike ban

  Sanjeev Shivadekar, TNN | Aug 3, 2012, 11.59PM IST Instigating, financing or even participating in an illegal strike could land a person in jail in Maharashtra. MUMBAI: Instigating, financing or even participating in an illegal strike could land a person in… Continue Reading →

Iraq: End harassment of oil union activists

Iraqi government agencies frequently interfere with internal union affairs, punishing union activists by imposing forced transfers, demotions, fines, travel restrictions, and other penalties allowed by Iraq‘s labor law, which dates from the Saddam Hussein regime, as well as the law… Continue Reading →

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