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#India – Crucial lessons from decades of campaigns by women’s groups on Rape Law #Vaw #Sexualharassment

From Mathura to Bhanwari EPW- Vol – XLVIII No. 23, June 08, 2013 | Laxmi Murthy The recent law on sexual harassment at the workplace rides on the back of decades of campaigns by women’s groups, starting with the rape law in… Continue Reading →

#India – When will we civilize our cops ?

Our cops continue to brutalize those they are meant to protect—the weak and the vulnerable G. Sampath, livemint.com First Published: Thu, May 16 2013. 04 26 PM IST Moral policing will continue to trump civilized policing, and we will continue to… Continue Reading →

ANGUISH of A MOTHER about the insensitivity of POLICE, MEDIA and society in getting justice to her daughter, a survivor of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE

Suja Jones Mazurier: “I cannot bear this anymore. He is getting support everywhere and I am faced with suspicion or isolation from everyone: Police, close friends, NGOs, public, media and most importantly even my own lawyers and activists. He is… Continue Reading →

J&K hockey coach arrested for allegedly molesting Punjab players #Vaw

JAMMU AND KASHMIR, Updated Jan 14, 2013 at 02:36pm IST CNN-IBN Hyderabad: The coach of Jammu and Kashmir Under-20 women’s hockey team Angad Singh has been arrested for alleged molestation attempt. The Cyberabad police have arrested coach Angad Singh on a… Continue Reading →

Poem on the diktat of #Delhi police chief #Delhigangrape #Vaw #moralpolicing

ढीली पोलीस या दिल्ली पोलीस ढीली पोलीस का फरमान आया है , दिल्ली से समाचार पत्रो मे , वक्तव्य छपवाया है , अपनी बहादुरी , बोधिकता का मिला जुला असर , बताया है … दिल्ली की बिटिया रानी को ,… Continue Reading →

So what about ‘RAPIST’ HIP HOP? #honeysingh #vaw

Honey Singh’s brazenly pornographic and abusive anti-women songs glorifying rape and violence against women has evoked little protest Hardnews Bureau Delhi Raat ko nikali naari  hui gadi pe savaari  par voh raat usko pad gayi bhari.  Peeche se aaya main … Continue Reading →

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