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#India- No One killed them – Laxmanpur-Bathe Massacre

Pic courtesy- Muslim Mirror EPW, EDITORIAL Vol – XLVIII No. 45-46, November 16, 2013 The acquittal of the Laxmanpur-Bathe accused is a shocking miscarriage of justice. The Patna High Court’s decision on 9 October 2013, setting free all the 26… Continue Reading →

#India- Bihar is getting away with Murder

Bihar Getting away with murder Sikandar Chaudhary, who lost nine members of his family in the Laxmanpur Bathe massacre, with his family on October 21. Photo:Ranjeet Kumar The acquittal of all the 26 accused in the 1997 massacre of Dalits… Continue Reading →

Bihar Dalits ask #PatnaHC – “Did we murder our own families, including kids not even two months old?”

Won’t let the killers walk free: Bihar Dalits Dev Raj, Hindustan Times  Lakshmanpur Bathe, October 12, 2013 First Published: 23:51 IST(12/10/2013) | Advertisement Lakshman Rajvanshi has a question for the Patna high court: “Did we murder our own families, including kids… Continue Reading →

#India- did not want to know about Laxmanpur Bathe and that is why Sachin Tendulkar is ‘God’ #mustread

OCTOBER 13, 2013 tags: by Shuddhabrata Sengupta, IN KAFILA.ORG ‘No Results Found’ on Searching for Laxmanpur Bathe in Times Now on the night of Oct 12-13, 2013 In a country where the bloodthirsty rhetoric of ‘hang them, shoot them’, an ‘eye… Continue Reading →

#India – Patna High Court acquits all 26 in Dalit massacre case #Injustice #WTFnews

RAHI GAIKWAD, The Hindu, Oct 9.2013 Setting aside the conviction by a lower court, the Patna High Court on Wednesday acquitted all the 26 accused in the 1997 case of Laxmanpur Bathe massacre, in which 58 Dalits were killed allegedly… Continue Reading →

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