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Bhopal gas victims join hands with Pithampur NGOs

Above ground waste tip of the iceberg. Discussions continue in Bhopal regarding the disposal of the 350 tonnes of toxic waste still lying around in the abandoned Union Carbide pesticide factory. This is effectively serving as a smokescreen in front… Continue Reading →

Amenities elude Sardar Sarovar evictees

ANNU ANAND, The Hindu Makeshift existence: Life at Anjanwada village. Photo: Annu Anand TOPICS  Periscope India Madhya Pradesh Displaced by the Sardar Sarovar Dam project, hundreds living on the hills lining the Narmada banks are denied basic amenities A satisfied… Continue Reading →

JOIN PROTEST-Illegal arrest of activists and forcible land acquisitions in Chindwara #dELHI @NOV6

Join in large numbers ! Protest Demonstration outside Madhya Pradesh Bhawan, November, 6th @ 2:30 pm Urgent Action demanding the Madhya Pradesh Government To withdraw cases, against Dr. Sunilam, Sheshrao and Prahald, leaders of Kisan Sangharshn Samiti, leading to their life… Continue Reading →

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