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#Sundayreading -Gujarat Science Lesson : Stem Cells In Mahabharata, Cars In Veda

    (27 Jul) Gujarat’s new compulsory reading list for government primary and secondary students doesn’t just seek to educate students on “facts” about India’s culture, history and geography. It also has its own take on science, particularly landmark inventions…. Continue Reading →

#India – Homosexuality through ages ,The door was always open #Sec377 #LGBTQ

BY SAYANTAN NEOGI   DECEMBER 11, 2013, Kindle Magazine Fact: Homosexuality is considered taboo in modern Indian civic society. Fact: India is home to over 5 million LGBT members, registered and unregistered. Fact: India is one of the earliest cultures to have recognized… Continue Reading →

Tulika offers books for children in Braille #DISABILITY

Books in Braille Some of Tulika’s books are available in Braille. They have been adapted by Third Eye and are available through their website www.third-eye.org. You can find out more about the books listed below through the book search option… Continue Reading →

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