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Maoists threaten to silence voices #Vaw

  SATURDAY, 02 MARCH 2013 15:17SANTOSH NARAYAN | RANCHI, Pioneer   Time has turned a full circle in the case of Niyamat Ansari. It is on the brink of taking the same ugly turn witnessed exactly two years ago, when… Continue Reading →

Linking #Aadhaar to Direct Benefit Transfer scheme a mistake, says Aruna Roy #UID #biometrics

Politics news, Updated Feb 28, 2013 Rupashree Nanda, CNN-IBN   The Direct Benefit Transfer initiative of the government came in for discussion and scrutiny in Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council on February 26. Nandan Nilekani, Chairperson of UIDAI, sought to… Continue Reading →

Life after death of Niyamat Ansari

FRIDAY, 15 FEBRUARY 2013 00:05 SANTOSH NARAYAN | RANCHI , Pioneer   Niyamat Ansari’s family is yet to breathe easy. It’s been nearly two years since the whistleblower was killed. His wife Nuroosha Bibi has got work in January this… Continue Reading →

Mr. Nandan Nilekani care to reply ? #Aadhaar #UID #coercion

  S. G. VOMBATKERE The Hindu EYES WIDE SHUT: Retaining biometric efficiency of data on a large scale does not seem to have been analysed while queries on privacy have not been addressed. The architects of the unique identification scheme… Continue Reading →

Aadhaar-linked DBT hits roadblock in East Godavari #UID

Mohammad Ali, The Hindu The Direct Benefits Transfer pilot project in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh with a claimed 95 per cent penetration pilot project, with a claimed 95 per cent penetration, has been full of problems, highlighting the… Continue Reading →

Aruna Roy to FM-on pre-budget consultations on social issues #UID

Shri.H.A.C.Prasad Senior Economic Adviser( Additional Secretary) Ministry of Finance Government of India                                            Januray 2013   Dear Shri.Chidambaram,   Thank… Continue Reading →

To pass biometric ID, apply Vaseline or Boroplus on fingers overnight #WTFnews #UID #Aadhaar

ANUMEHA YADAV, Dec 16, 2012, The Hindu A Banking Correspondent makes pension and MNREGA payments to beneficiaries in Dohakatu village in Ramgarh district adjoining Ranchi. Photo: Manob Chowdhury The technical glitches that plague cash transfers in Jharkhand may not have… Continue Reading →

Immediate Release – MONOGRAPH on UID @Nov28 #Delhi

You are most cordially invited to a meeting sponsored by ‘Citizens Forum for Civil Liberties’, ‘Grahak Shakti’, ‘The Fifth estate Trust’ and ‘Youth Against Corruption’ to release a Monograph on UID , on Nov 28th , at 2 PM at… Continue Reading →

Dayamani Barla’s letter from Ranchi Prison – Hindi and English

Photo courtesy- Tehelka via- Faisal Anurag जेल से यह पत्र मुझे कल ही दयामनी ने पाठ्य था. यह पत्र आप सब के लिए है मैंने साथिओं से इसे साझा करने को कहा था. आप सबों को जोहार, मैंने झारखंड की… Continue Reading →

Maharashtra- Aadhaar Card SCAM #UID #Biometrics

KDMC ‘Corporators’ are issuing Aadhar Cards in Kalyan! By अजिंक्य भातंब्रेकर | [email protected] | 03 Nov Sat, 2012 | Updated 4:30 pm IST http://www.jaimaharashtranews.com STORY HIGHLIGHTS Kalyan: Aadhar card, which is the photo identity proof of your citizenship is being made illegally in Kalyan and Dombivali. Shockingly, Kalyan-Dombivali… Continue Reading →

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