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#SundayReading – Whats common between Aamir Khan, Narendra Modi and Satyamev Jayate ?

  Guest Post by –   Dr  Gaurav Chhabra The recent meeting between the Bollywood top-shot Aamir Khan and political hot-shot PM Modi is trending online. With both men talking development, one focusing more on social development and the other… Continue Reading →

Hungry for votes, but no neta to fix malnutrition problem

STATE OF NATION Politicians Call It A ‘Shame’, But Do Little To Cure Ills That Plague System Rema Nagarajan | TIG In January 2012, PM Manmohan Singh declared half of India’s children were malnourished and that was a national shame…. Continue Reading →

#India – Of poor nourishment, unaffordable healthcare and micro debts

DEEPA KURUP, Bangalore, Jan 5, 2013   Bibi Khadeeja (1 year and 8 months) weighs 6.2 kgs. Her family does not have a BPL card. Her mother Shameem taj, who suffers from mental disability, and her visually-impaired father, are both… Continue Reading →

India ranked poorest in south Asia on hunger index

     Down to Earth —Author(s): Jitendra      The Global Hunger Index 2013 states global hunger levels have declined but south Asia still among the worse India has fared poorly as compared to its south Asian counterparts when it comes… Continue Reading →

#India- Gujarat, Low wage rates, poorly functioning public schemes, Ranks 10th in the use of Latrines #mustread

The Hindu Not vegetarianism or dieting, Mr. Modi   INDIRA HIRWAY, The Hindu + APLOSING TRACK: The growth process in Gujarat has paid limited attention to the well-being of the masses. File Photo T Low wage rates, poorly functioning public… Continue Reading →

#India- Infants in West Bengal are “Referred to die” #healthcare

Author(s): Sayantan Bera , down to earth Infant deaths in West Bengal’s only super specialty hospital underscrore an urgent need to improve healthcare facilities in rural areas 63 per cent women in the state suffer from anaemia (Photo: Sayantan Bera) SUPER SPECIALTY… Continue Reading →

3.1 million children under five die of malnutrition annually

  Author(s):  Jyotsna Singh Issue Date:  2013-6-10 Study says child mortality linked to maternal undernutrition, obesity Forty-five per cent of deaths of children below the age of five globally are attributed to malnutrition, says a study published as part of… Continue Reading →

India loses up to $46 billion to malnourishment #WTFnews

__ Author(s): Jitendra Issue Date: 2013-5-29 Report by children’s non-profit links childhood malnourishment to educational performance, adult income and GDP   Malnutrition decrease the gross domestic product (GDP) in low- and middle-income countries, says a report by international non-profit Save… Continue Reading →

Hunger Stalks Temple Town Of Varanasi

While district administration of Varanasi says that the children died of tuberculosis, human rights’ activists allege that the deaths were due to hunger and malnutrition VIRENDRA NATH BHATT May 15, 2013 Illustration: Anand Naorem Two children from a poor family… Continue Reading →

We Don’t Need Genetically Engineered Bananas For Iron Deficiency

By Vandana Shiva   Saturday, April 27, 2013 The latest insanity from the genetic engineers is to push GMO bananas on India for reducing iron deficiency in Indian women. Nature has given us a cornucopia of biodiversity, rich in nutrients. Malnutrition… Continue Reading →

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