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SC – Historic Judgment in fight to eradicate manual scavenging

  New Delhi . March 27, 2014   Safai Karmachari Andolan welcomes historic judgment of Supreme Court on eradication of inhuman   practice of manual scavenging. In its judgment today Supreme Court has deprecated the   continuance of manual scavenging… Continue Reading →

Narendra Modi’s love for Dalits #Feku #NoMore

[Modi] says that this job of shit collection or cleaning of gutters is a ‘Spiritual Experience’ for them. In his book ‘Karmayog’ which is a collection of his speeches to high-profile IAS officials, he discusses the age-old caste-based vocation of the dalits as… Continue Reading →

#India – Caste Cleaners – Dalit Scavenging, does anyone give a SHIT !

By Mari Marcel Thekaekara , in http://newint.org/     Growing up in Kolkata brought me face to face with homeless, poverty stricken people from an early age. Kolkata’s streets make it impossible to be shielded from poverty unlike some major Indian… Continue Reading →

#India – Lok Sabha passed the Manual Scavenging eradication and Rehabilitation #goodnews

Yesterday, Lok Sabha passed the Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and Their Rehabilitation Bill, 2012, which aims to eliminate the inhuman practice of manual scavenging and rehabilitation of liberated manual scavenging. The Bill would be taken up in the… Continue Reading →

#India – Stop Manual Scavenging

  Manual scavengers protest against Inhuman treatment Umakant Delhi In the presence of hundreds of protestors and supporters from different organisations and networks, a group of safai karamchari women burned the baskets of indignities amidst slogan shouting and took a… Continue Reading →

Gujarat- Ahmedabad has 188 manual scavengers, says Census ’11

Chaitra Devarhubli , DNA, July 30, 2013 The civic body will undertake a survey to identify these workers and help rehabilitate them in an alternate profession Ahmedabad: Did you know that the city has 188 manual scavengers, that too when… Continue Reading →

#India – Govt okays amendments to manual scavenging eradication bill

May 1, 2013New Delhi: The government today approved amendments to a bill that seeks to eradicate manual scavenging. The Union cabinet, at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, approved official amendments to The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and… Continue Reading →

Manual scavenging is a result of India’s caste divide

  Manual scavenging is a result of India‘s caste divide Sagarika Ghose: The story of Prabhu and Guru Dhodiya and the terrible plight of manual scavengers. They do their job standing all day in human waste, standing in the unbearable… Continue Reading →

Unsuccessful rehabilitation of manual scavengers and their children in India

Manual scavengers and their children from various states express their feelings regarding rehabilitation Rashtriya Garima Abhiyan organized a one day “National Public Hearing on Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers and their Children in India” at Indian Social Institute, New Delhi on… Continue Reading →

“If you don’t clean our shit, then who will ?- A blot upon the nation

March 31, 2012-A national public hearing on rehabilitation of manual scavengers throws up several issues that need immediate redress to restore dignity to the community- Divya Trivedi, The Hindu  From Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh, 14-year-old Ravi used to be a… Continue Reading →

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