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Jharkhand – Tribals being armed to fight Tribals #WTFnews

                                             “Tribals to be trained in guerrilla warfare to fight Maoists in state”      Stan Swamy The newspaper report goes on to spell out govt’s plan. Two special battalions comprising of youths from the primitive tribal groups in the state will be recruited and trained in advanced guerrilla warfare to fight the Maoists in the forests. They will help the security forces in anti-insurgency operations.  The reason for choosing these e tribal  youths is that they  are born and brought up in forest areas and are well aware of the surroundings and have the capability to survive in odd situations.   Following  important questions arise: (1) who are the ‘Maoists’ in Jharkhand? (2) who are the Adivasis? (3) who are the Primitive Tribal groups in Jharkhand and what is their present socio- economic condition? (4) what does the Supreme Court say?   (1) who are the ‘Maoists’ in Jharkhand? It is common knowledge that most so-called ‘maoists’ in Jharkhand are local Adivasis. Some of the top leadership may have come from outside the state but the cadres are mostly Adivasis and some Moolvasis. This can be proven by the fact that from 1st January to 30th June 2014, a span of six months, 243 persons were arrested in Jharkhand under the charge of being Maoists or helpers of Maoists. Of them, 186 (77%) are local Adivasis. In so- called  ‘encounters’,  more than… Continue Reading →

‘Operation against Maoists will be intensified in Jharkhand’ #WTFnews

Press Trust of India | Dhanbad | July 6, 2014 3:47 pm   SUMMARY Chief Secretary Sajal Chakraborty held Maoists responsible for obstructing execution of welfare schemes in rural areas.   Naxals are our people,response has to be more humane: CRPF… Continue Reading →

Chhattisgarh – Ex-Salwa Judum members face Maoist threat

  KUTURU (BIJAPUR), July 5, 2014 Updated: July 5, 2014 02:52 IST PAVAN DAHAT Salwa Judum founder Madhukar Rao at his barricaded home in Kuturu with his bodyguards. Photo: Pavan Dahat TOPICS India Chhattisgarh Sitting in his barricaded house adjacent to… Continue Reading →

Is Maharashtra Police cracking down on social activism in the name of fighting Maoism ?

The ‘Maoists’ In Our Midst Is the Maharashtra Police cracking down on social activism in the name of fighting Maoism, asks Ushinor Majumdar USHINOR MAJUMDAR 2014-06-07 , Issue 23 Volume 11 Delayed justice? Sudhir Dhawale spent nearly 40 months in jail before he was acquitted…. Continue Reading →

‘Dr. Saibaba to go on hunger strike in prison

VIJETHA S. N + The HinduG. N. Saibaba TOPICS Delhi New Delhi Delhi University professor G. N. Saibaba, who was arrested by the Maharashtra police for alleged Maoist links and taken to the State, will go on a hunger strike… Continue Reading →

The Marxvadis in Wasseypur #mustread

  May 4, 2014, Javed Iqbal A Marxist Coordination Committee party office in Wasseypur, Dhanbad of Jharkhand. There are 17 independent candidates and 15 party-affiliated candidates in the Dhanbad-Bokaro Lok Sabha seat in Jhakrhand, which went to the polls on… Continue Reading →

Nepal parliament passes amnesty bill

Former Maoist rebels and security forces accused of rights abuses in the country could get amnesty under the new law. Last updated: 27 Apr 2014 15:28 Any offer of amnesty would, however, need the victim’s approval, according to the bill [AFP]… Continue Reading →

A parallel conversation: Martyrs, rebels, and peasants

ANUMEHA YADAV Anumeha YadavA performance during the shahaadat diwas in Chotanagpur region, Jharkhand, to honour Bakhtar Say and Mundal Singh. Anumeha Yadav Anumeha Yadav Anumeha Yadav The amicable relationship some villagers have with the Maoists, panchayat institutions, as well as… Continue Reading →

In Search of good samaritan – Dr Samir Biswas

Dr Samir Biswas – courtesy  durgapuradda.com Wednesday, 26 March 2014 – 6:05am IST | Agency: DNA Rajashri Dasgupta He greets his patients with loud curses as they stagger in — sick or drunken — to his chamber. He reserves his… Continue Reading →

#Sundayreading – From the Pen of the Resistance : The Lalgarh Uprising

[This is a book review, written by Bernard D’Mello, that was published in EPW. For obtaining a copy of the book, please contact us : communications [at] sanhati [dot] com -Ed] Letters from Lalgarh by the People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities, edited and translated by… Continue Reading →

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