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May Day: US workers’ struggle, then and now

A bloody assault on striking coal miners 100 years ago helped shape the fight for workers’ rights in the US. Sadie Luetmer Last updated: 01 May 2014 14:24 Coal miners prepare to confront Colorado National Guard troops on April 16, 1914 [AP/Denver… Continue Reading →

Time for action, no time to lament

  Karla Alegria April 2014 Karla Alegria My granny was a single mom with nine children ranging from pre-teen to their 30’s by the time I came along. Mom was also on her own, with me. They rented a house and… Continue Reading →

मई दिवस की कहानी – The Story of May Day

मज़दूरों का त्योहार मई दिवस आठ घण्टे काम के दिन के लिए मज़दूरों के शानदार आन्दोलन से पैदा हुआ। उसके पहले मज़दूर चौदह से लेकर सोलह-अठारह घण्टे तक खटते थे। कई देशों में काम के घण्टों का कोई नियम ही… Continue Reading →

May Day – Almost 21 Million People in Modern-Day Slavery

Global: Update Treaty on Forced Labor Enlarge Labor intensive production on a new housing estate on the ring road around Chiang Mai city depends on ready availability of low-wage ethnic Shan workers from Burma. © 2007 John Hulme Millions of… Continue Reading →

Maruti Suzuki Workers Union pamphlet on the occasion of May day

April 30, 2013 [Note from Maruti Suzuki Workers Union : We are currently on an indefinite dharna in Kaithal, Haryana since 24 March 2013, which included an 8-day Hunger Strike, and will continue until our demands are met. Please join us, in… Continue Reading →

The Real Meaning Of May Day- Noam Chomsky

Outlook People seem to know about May Day everywhere except where it began, here in the United States of America. That’s because those in power have done everything they can to erase its real meaning. NOAM CHOMSKY People seem to… Continue Reading →

86 students and workers arrested in Dili, East Timor during May Day

MAY DAY in DILI, TIMOR LESTE 86 students and workers arrested in Dili on May Day According spokesperson for the Socialist Party of Timor (PST), Tama Laka Aquita, 86 students and workers were detained today, May 1, in Dili. The… Continue Reading →

International Workers Day -May Day Rally – Mumbai, India

Trade Union Joint Action Committee (TUJAC) organised the May Day rally on 1st May. The Rally was attendedby banks employess union,teachers union, TradeUnions, Nurses Union and many mumbaikars at Dadar Station (E), Mumbai.More than 1000 people joined rally and passed resolution  for strengthening… Continue Reading →

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