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Press Release – Any Changes in the new Land Acquisition Act is UNACCEPTABLE

NATIONAL ALLIANCE OF PEOPLE’S MOVEMENTS National Office : 6/6 Jangpura B, New Delhi – 110 014 . Phone : 011 2437 4535 | 9818905316 E-mail: [email protected] | Web : www.napm-india.org Any Changes in the new Land Acquisition Act is UNACCEPTABLE to People’s Movements and will Face Stiff… Continue Reading →

Medha Patkar – ‘Curbing Agitations Absolutely Fascist’

FOTOCORP (FROM OUTLOOK 30 JUNE 2014) INTERVIEW ‘Curbing Agitations Absolutely Fascist’ The Narmada Bachao Andolan’s spearhead on the recent government decisions PRACHI PINGLAY-PLUMBER INTERVIEWS MEDHA PATKAR The first blow was the new BJP government’s unilateral decision to raise the wall of the… Continue Reading →

BJP wins Narmada battle #WTFnews

DC CORRESPONDENT | June 13, 2014, 05.06 am IST Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben performs worship at Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada River near Navagam on Thursday. After a wait of eight long years, the Gujarat government has got the final… Continue Reading →

Press Release – Can Sardar Sarovar Height be Raised in Violation of Law?

Are ‘Vision of Inclusive Development’ Truthful ? NDA Government must hear the People’s Organisation from Narmada Valley, before decision on SSP Mumbai / New Delhi, June 12 : Today seems to be critical day for Narmada. When Prime Minister Mr. Narendra… Continue Reading →

NAPM calls for dam and human safety in wake of Beas disaster

  New Delhi, June 9: The unfortunate death of 25 students in the flash flood in the river Beas caused by sudden release of water from the 120 MW Laarji Hydropower project has once again brought in focus the question of… Continue Reading →

#Sundayreading – Soni Sori ,Dayamani Barla and Medha Patkar in India Elections

No time for parties (From top left) Soni Sori, Dayamani Barla, Medha Patkar.Photos: Suvojit Bagchi, Manob Chowdhury, PTI These three women in the electoral race have fought for change from outside the system. The exhilarating process of elections has begun…. Continue Reading →

I can’t imagine us not supporting Medha Patkar- AAP

      I hope, Medha would allow us to support her! Friends, no dilemma can be greater than to decide whether to support your colleague of more than two decades for doing what you always wanted her/him to do… Continue Reading →

AAP, Medha Patkar, Soni Sori and Corporate Funding

    By Joe.M.S.   18 February, 2014 Countercurrents.org   The Aam Admi Party (AAP) fiasco culminated with the resignation of Kejriwal , another media spectacle, which was like running away from the responsibility of tall promises they made, on… Continue Reading →

PRESS RELEASE- NAPM to Intervene into Electoral Arena as Complementary to non-electoral Politics

People’s Movements to Intervene into Electoral Arena as Complementary to non-electoral Politics NAPM Convening Team Holds Dialogue with AAP Leadership New Delhi, January 17 : National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) held its two day National Convening Team (NCT) meeting on January… Continue Reading →

Press Release – People’s Movements Extend Support to AAP

  Mumbai, January 13: People’s Movements for years have been striving in non-violent, democratic ways for a broader social and political transformation. These struggles at times manifest is changing government policies and laws and raise broader questions of alternative development… Continue Reading →

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