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Meena Kandasamy- Voice of the silent victims

Aug 03, 2014 – Nuvena Rajendran Meena Kandasamy Poet, writer and activist Meena kandasamy’s novel gypsy goddess focuses on the harsh poverty of dalit farmhands and the untold misery visited on the bodies of lower caste women. the feisty author is… Continue Reading →

Why are Indian women being attacked on social media? #Vaw #Womenrights

By Divya AryaBBC Hindi, Delhi, May 8,2013 Sagarika Ghose has stopped giving her views on Twitter What does a top woman journalist do when she is threatened regularly with gang rape and stripping on Twitter? And what about when her… Continue Reading →

#India – Little Girls Are Most at Risk #Rape #Vaw

MEENA KANDASAMY Little Girls Are Most at Risk: Legislation alone cannot save women trapped in a patriarchal culture TAGS: Rape | Girl raped in Delhi | Physical abuse in Delhi| Violence against girls Cold-hearted legal system sees no shame in serving the interests of sex offenders… Continue Reading →

Study confirms abuse of Indian women online: Here’s how to stop it #Censorship

  by Danish Raza Apr 15, 2013, Firstpost Something unusual happened when Anshika, a Mumbai based media professional retweeted a tweet noting that a respected left-leaning historian had argued that the politics behind book-banning should be exposed. One of the respondents to… Continue Reading →

How Do We Break The Indian Penile Code? #Vaw #Rape #Justice

REUTERS (FROM OUTLOOK 14 JANUARY 2013) OPINION How Do We Break The Indian Penile Code? This cultural sanction of rape must stop, the state has to speak MEENA KANDASAMY, in Outlook Jan 14, 2013 The endless discourses of the elite… Continue Reading →

#India- Here is why section #66A does not ‘protect’ women #FOE #Censorship

by Danish Raza , FIRSTPOST Dec 12, 2012 One of the arguments Union Minister for Communication, Information and Technology, Kapil Sibal, often gives to justify Section 66A of the Information Technology (IT) Act is that it is an essential tool in fighting… Continue Reading →

Mangled Lore- Would our culture saviours revive the attire of the Chola bronzes? #VAW #Moralpolicing

  MEENA KANDASAMY, in Outlook Marriage took me to Mangalore. Living in Attavar, I saw the city as a sister/lover: a feisty woman caught in the grip of a violent, disapproving man, she’d be rid of him if she found… Continue Reading →

Immediate Release- NWMI Condemns violent abuse of Meena Kandasamy on Twitter

NWMI CONDEMNS VIOLENT ABUSE OF MEENA KANDASAMY The Network of Women in Media, India (NWMI), strongly condemns the violent and sexist abuse unleashed on poet, writer, activist and translator Meena Kandasamy, presumably in response to her posts on Twitter about… Continue Reading →

I salute Meena Kandasamy, each and every domestic Violence survivor needs to read this

  Meena  is my Facebook friend, and I salute her, as it takes extraordinary courage to come out in the open about a  violent and an abusive marriage, I hope this step by Meena ,will give the courage to many… Continue Reading →

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