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#India -Zio-Podolsk Scandal – Save Our Souls – Part -4 #nuclear

Zio-Podolsk and India Connection  CharlesDigges [1] February 9, 2011 “ZIO-Podolsk” and IR “ZIOMAR” a delegation of Indian firms WALCHANDNAGAR INDUSTRIES LTD (WIL) The President of the Technology Centre of the company WALCHANDNAGAR INDUSTRIES LTD (WIL) Mr. N.M. Nadaf  led the… Continue Reading →

Letters from Pussy Riot’s Prison blog #womenrights #womensday

The thoughts of a prisoner Anastasia Kirilenko 8 March 2013 Today is International Women’s Day, a holiday in Russia, though possibly with few celebrations in the penal colonies where the Pussy Riot women are being held. Open Democracy Russia is… Continue Reading →

Pussy Riot verdict: live report

By Judith Evans (AFP) – 4 hours ago 1424 GMT: Human rights organisation Amnesty International, which has taken up Pussy Riot’s cause, tweets: “2 years prison for a 30 second protest song. Insanity. “Bitter blow to freedom of expression in Russia.”… Continue Reading →

In Defense of Pussy Riot and the Russian Punk Movement

  AUGUST 09, 2012 Taking Heroic Stands Against Bigotry, Censorship and the Abuse of Power by CHRIS RANDOLPH Yesterday CounterPunch printed an ignorant defense of the pending imprisonment of Russian female punk band Pussy Riot by economic columnist Mike Whitney.  I choose… Continue Reading →

Pussy Riot trial: Defendants claim ‘torture,’ accuse judge of bias #FOE

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYzlaBPCM6c] Pussy Riot’s lawyers accuse the trial‘s judge of “torturing” the three defendants, who they say have barely had any sleep or food since Monday. As the trial resumes, prosecution witnesses claim severe moral wounds and reluctance to forgive the… Continue Reading →

Russia : Don’t Go There. We Will Not Be Silenced

Lawmakers in Russia just passed a draconian censorship law that would impose stiff fines for anything construed as “the promotion of homosexuality” in Saint Petersburg, Russia‘s second largest city. Reading, writing, speaking or reporting on anything related to gay, lesbian… Continue Reading →

WHO adopts India’s resolution on mental health

  Aarti Dhar, Jan 23, 2012 The World Health Organisation (WHO) has adopted a resolution moved by India that focuses on the global burden of mental disorders and the need for a comprehensive, coordinated response from health and social sectors… Continue Reading →

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