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Sexual Harassment – 6 months Jail for using abusive language and showing middle finger

Six months jail for sexually harassing woman by 31/01/2022- by Rhea Bazaz On 3rd December 2021, in the case of Gaondevi Police Station vs. Aniket Vijay Patil, (“Case”), it was held by the Court of the Girgaon Metropolitan Magistrate in… Continue Reading →

Not-so-Catholic priest expels parishioner from church: ‘Woman improperly dressed’

By Rosamma Thomas*  On Sunday, January 9, 2022, Fr Emmanuel, parish priest of the Lady of Guadalupe Church at Murikumphuzha, Pala, Kerala, sent his sacristan Joseph to ask a middle-aged woman to please wait a little after the morning mass… Continue Reading →

Bhima Koregaon accused and their counsel write to SC’s Pegasus technical committee alleging snooping

ON January 3, the Supreme Court-appointed Technical Committee (TC) to investigate the snooping allegations using Pegasus spyware had issued a public notice urging citizens to contact it if they felt that their mobile device had been infected. The public notice required the… Continue Reading →

Mumbai – Harmony Rocks – GANDHI PEACE FESTIVAL 2015 #mustshare

Gandhi Peace Festival on 2nd October from 6.00 pm to 10. pm at Bandra Amphitheatre near Taj Landsend. Please mobilize, volunteer and contribute financially. Concept: The yearning of Peace within our lives or at the borders is an eternal quest…. Continue Reading →

Mumbra’s Muslim Girls Kick Out Stereotypes #Womenrights

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Kamayani Bali Mahabal    They started off as a secret sports club. What brought them together was their shared love for football, a game they couldn’t dream of playing owing to their conservative family backgrounds. After all, how could young… Continue Reading →

Mumbai SOS : Help Siddhant, with autism, find his way home ‎ #Search4Siddhant‬

  SOS – Help Siddhant find his way home! Siddhanth Sudhakar, a young adult with autism, is missing since 7 pm on 28 Oct ’14 from  Kandivali, Mumbai He has passed his 12th but has poor social skills. He speaks and understands… Continue Reading →

Shakti Mills Gang Rape – That Hashtag Was My Colleague #Vaw

Doubting doctors, corrupt cops, jeering lawyers and, of course, mercenary reporters. A middle class woman gang raped in the heart of Mumbai makes for a perfect storm of anxiety and righteousness. But what if the rape survivor is also a… Continue Reading →

Mumbai Model rape case: MSWC demands suspension of DIG Paraskar #Vaw

Last Updated: Monday, August 04, 2014, 1 Zee Media Bureau New Delhi: The Maharashtra State Women’s Commission (MSWC) chairman on Monday wrote to the Mumbai Police Commissioner demanding suspension of IPS officer Sunil Paraskar. The senior cop has been accused… Continue Reading →

Mumbai Girl sexually abused by father for two years catches him in sting op #Vaw

By Yogesh Sadhwani, Mumbai Mirror | Aug 1, 2014,  The mother believed her husband’s denials more than her daughter’s complaints. (Above) A grab from the tape RELATED A 15-year-old Kalyan girl had to resort to taping her step-father sexually abusing her in order… Continue Reading →

Press Release – Kandhamal girls rescued from Mumbai bondage

  Mumbai, July 29, 2014: Nine girls from Odihsa’s riot-hit Khandamal district, who were forced into bounded labor in a Mumbai fish processing firm, were rescued with the help of Catholic nuns and voluntary agencies. The attempts started July 14 when… Continue Reading →

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