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Muslim Women’s Movement from Shah Bano to Shaheen Bagh

At the forefront of the struggle against patriarchal practices, Muslim women now have to fight regressive forces created and spread by the majoritarian State Haseena Khan Once again, Muslim women are taking a central role in defending the Muslim community… Continue Reading →

The camera is on Muslim women

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Dehleez toh paar kar li hai, ab zamane se takrana hai. Peeche mud ke ab kya dekhoon, mujhe aage badhte jana hai. I have crossed the patriarchal boundary, now I have to fight the world Why should i look back… Continue Reading →

#India – Muslim women’s group calls for abolishing oral divorce, polygamy #womenrights

Written by Zeeshan Shaikh | Mumbai | June 18, 2014 2:03 am   The draft law virtually abolishes oral divorce and triple talaq. It states that only the Talaq-e-Ahsan method should be followed. SUMMARY The draft law called the Muslim Marriage and… Continue Reading →

#India – Religion, Feminist Politics And Muslim Women’s Rights

Zoya Hasan The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the strongest advocate of a uniform civil code while Muslim conservatives are among its strongest opponents. In these excerpts from the just released Women and Law – Critical Feminist Perspectives, edited by Kalpana Kannabiran… Continue Reading →

#India- A report on National minority women’s convention

  By Saiyed Danish, TwoCircles.net, New Delhi: A national minority women’s convention was held in the Constitution Club’s Annexe hall in the national capital which was presided over by various organizations working for democracy and secularism. It was participated by… Continue Reading →

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