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Pakistan – Fishermen of Sindh brave poverty, misery and Indian Navy

dy> By Amar Guriro , Daily Times  KARACHI: The neighbourhood comprises some straw and mud huts, and log houses circling a huge courtyard without any boundary wall, with a common hand pump installed in the centre, which pumps saline ground… Continue Reading →

#India – Wife Swapping allegations that have rocked Navy’s Boat #mustread #Vaw

If I didn’t follow their tradition, I’d be thrown out MIRROR IN CONVERSATION WITH LT KABDAULA’S WIFE WHOSE ALLEGATIONS OF WIFE-SWAPPING HAVE ROCKED THE NAVY’S BOAT   Gitanjali.Chandrasekharan, Mumbai Mirror Posted On Sunday, April 21, 2013 at 01:24:17 AM  … Continue Reading →

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