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PRESS RELEASE- North Korea: UN Should Act on Atrocities Report

North Korea: UN Should Act on Atrocities Report New Video Shows Horrors of North Korea Through Eyewitness Testimony Enlarge A North Korean prison policewoman stands guard behind fences at a jail on the banks of Yalu River near the Chongsong… Continue Reading →

BBC Tactics in Covering North Korea Are Faulted

By RAVI SOMAIYA Published: April 14, 2013, NYT As tensions escalated between North Korea and the world late last month, a small group of students from the prestigious London School of Economics crossed the border into the reclusive country for what… Continue Reading →

#Meghalaya Gangrape – A cry in the dark #Vaw

Esha Roy : Sun Apr 07 2013,  IE The victim’s closest friend Rabolin, who was with her when she was attacked She was gangraped by 16 boys, nine of them juveniles. She was beaten, cut up and her genitals mutilated. She… Continue Reading →

North Korea 101: Are We Really Primed for War?

Salon,  By Tim shorrock, Alternet America’s current policy toward North Korea is an utter failure — here’s how we got here. April 5, 2013  | We all know it’s a crisis. Every night this week, NBC, CBS and every other media… Continue Reading →

IPPNW statement on the Korean nuclear crisis

  _ April 5, 2013 tags: International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, IPPNW, North Korea, nuclear disarmament, nuclear war, nuclear weapons, South Korea by IPPNW [The co-presidents of IPPNW have sent the following letter to the leaders of… Continue Reading →

#India Shameless abstention from the historic Arms Trade Treaty

In the 15th year of its nuclear tests, India has abstained from the just concluded UN Arms Trade Treaty, having become the largest importer of arms in the world last month. What happened to the stability and security that the… Continue Reading →

Nuclear weapons must be eradicated for all our sakes- Desmond Tutu

No nation should own nuclear arms – not Iran, not North Korea, and not their critics who take the moral high ground Desmond Tutu guardian.co.uk, Monday 4 March 2013 11.04 GMT   As an Oslo conference on nuclear weapons starts, we… Continue Reading →

A day before Kasab’s hanging, India voted against abolition of death penalty at UN

NDTV, Nov 21. 2012 United Nations: A record 110 countries backed a resolution voted every two years at a UN General Assembly committee calling for the abolition of the death penalty. The vote tears apart traditional alliances at the United… Continue Reading →

Police raid activist’s home for ‘criminal’ posts on Facebook. China? No – Wales

27SaturdayOct 2012 disability, human rights,open government,policing (Not satire – I’m sorry to say.) A female disability activist had her home raided yesterday by South Wales Police who attempted to intimidate her into stopping posting comments on Facebook critical of government cuts… Continue Reading →

Immediate Release–New list of Enemies of the Internet

REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS Beset by online surveillance and content filtering, netizens fight on Eritrea is among the list of “countries under surveillance” Read more on Eritrea on http://en.rsf.org/eritrea-eritrea-12-03-2012,42060.html More information on the full report on 12mars.rsf.org To mark World Day… Continue Reading →

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