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How drug companies price patients out of survival #Novartis #healthcare

A landmark ruling against Novartis highlights practices that make healthcare unaffordable in developing countries BY MICHELLE CHEN, DISSENT MAGAZINE (Credit: AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis, File) This article was originally published by Dissent. As our television screens toggle between pundits squabbling over Obamacare’s… Continue Reading →

Access to Medicines in Rajasthan, after Novartis Ruling

In the backdrop of the Supreme Court judgment against Novartis trying to seek patent on its anticancer drug Gleevec used for treatment of CML and the granting of license to pharmaceutical company Natco by the Controller General of Patents India… Continue Reading →

Ever wondered why Novartis and Roche do not compete ? #Pharma

    Expectations of structural change and divestments will be reignited by the Symonds announcement, note analysts at Deutsche Bank. One particular conundrum for investors is the 33 percent shareholding that Novartis holds in its compatriot Roche. Jimenez has ascribed an… Continue Reading →

#India – The Law That Saved a Billion Lives

4 May 2013 A portrait of a fearless piece of Indian legislation that assures affordable medication to the world’s poor BY Achal Prabhala, Sudhir Krishnaswamy , Open Magazine NEED FOR CHEAP DRUGS: Cancer patient Siddhart Maske seated outside the Tata cancer hospital in… Continue Reading →

Novartis and Health – An analysis

  Rajeev Dhavan on April 11, 2013 – 1   The Novartis judgment has started a huge war of words. The patent drug producers are livid. They declare: “Woe is us. This is the end of invention.”  The generic drug makers say:… Continue Reading →

Debunking Pharma’s Cant Against the Novartis Judgment: Myth and Fact

Professor Brook K. Baker, Senior Policy Analyst Health GAP April 2, 2013, IP Novartis, its fellow Big Pharma multinationals, Chambers of Commerce, and PhRMA have all roundly denounced India’s Supreme Court’s decision invalidating Novartis’ patent application for Glivec (Gleevec in… Continue Reading →

Drug Patent Rights India Wins First Round Novartis Full Text of Judgement

   APRIL 2, 2013 BY RAMANAN50 The instances of Multinationals stealing indigenous medicines is well-known. So are the capricious overpricing of life saving Drugs, like Cancer Drugs. “ The Intellectual Property Appellate Board rejected the German drug maker’s appeal of the 2012 ruling on Monday. It also ruled… Continue Reading →

Novartis case: Supreme Court’s historic decision on Section 3(d) #TRIPS #Patent

Anand Grover | Apr 2, 2013, After 2005 India started granting product patents on medicines. However, Section S ection 3(d), one of the safeguards introduced by Parliament, seeks to prevent patenting of new forms of known substances unless they exhibit enhanced efficacy…. Continue Reading →

#India- SC rejects Novartis’s patent plea for cancer drug Glivec #goodnews

Vidya Krishnan , livemint Court says Glivec does not meet any standard of ‘novelty or inventiveness’ to qualify for a patent First Published: Mon, Apr 01 2013. Shares of Novartis India fell as much as 7% after the Supreme Court judgement. The… Continue Reading →

Pharma vs India: a case of life or death for the world’s poor #Health #drugs

WEB EXCLUSIVE, New International  Oct , 2012 Cases being heard in Indian courts could ‘open the floodgates’ for pharmaceutical companies to challenge generic drug production and keep prices ridiculously high, explains Nick Harvey. It’s a worrying time for the poor and… Continue Reading →

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