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Time to BOYCOTT change.org , EXPOSED once again #socialmedia

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I have exposed change .org two years back and every now and then the true colours are shown in their contradictory campaigns. Below is information why, after hosting more then 250 petitions i  have boycotted change.org https://kractivist.org/why-activists-should-boycott-change-org-petitions/ HERE EXPOSED ONCE… Continue Reading →

#Censorship – Decline in web freedom steepest in India #socialmedia #WTFnews

Javed Anwer, TNN | Oct 3, 2013, 07.05 PM IST India saw the “most significant year-on-year decline” in terms of the web freedom, according to a report. NEW DELHI: In a report on the state of internet in 60 countries, Freedom House,… Continue Reading →

#India – Change.org : Campaign Victory’s exposed #Vaw #Socialmedia

Kamayani Bali Mahabal, April 23 2013 , Kracktivism l 23, 2013, Kractivism   “Every day, Change.org members win people-powered campaigns for social change”. Just to give a background to those, who are reading about change.org for first time. It’s a popular… Continue Reading →

Anonymous India Calls for Non-violent Protests Against Censorship

Added 29th May 2012 John Ribeiro The Indian arm of Anonymous is planning what it describes as non-violent protests against Internet censorship in various Indian cities, after some Internet service providers blocked file-sharing sites in the country. The protests, planned for June 9, follow… Continue Reading →

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