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Fair or unfair, Burma’s census will drive violence and discrimination

By Francis Wade Feb 17, 2014 4:14PM UTC Next month the Burmese government will begin the country’s first nationwide census since the early 1980s. As preparation for the start date on 30 March gets underway, several groups have highlighted their concerns about… Continue Reading →

#India- Gems from the SC order on #Sec377 – Download

Those who indulge in carnal intercourse in the ordinary course and those  who indulge in carnal intercourse against the order of nature constitute different  classes and the people falling in the later category cannot claim that Section 377 suffers from the… Continue Reading →

Sexist Maharashtra minister defies SC order, dance bars will remain closed #WTFnews

Mumbai: Maharashtra‘s Home Minister R R Patil continues his crusade against the opening of dance bars in the state, in defiance of last week’s Supreme Court order, which lifted the 2005 ban imposed by the state government, calling it unconstitutional.Notwithstanding the Supreme… Continue Reading →

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