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Shia man wanting to donate body stumped by family and clerics

Mohammed Wajihuddin,TNN | Aug 15, 2014, 01.25 AM IST “When I turned 72 in 2002, I brought a donation form from J J Hospital. It demanded consent from immediate survivors. Since my wife had passed away by then, I asked my three… Continue Reading →

Mumbai – Organ donations may breach 2013 mark #goodnews

Sumitra Deb Roy,TNN | Jun 22, 2014, 11.45 PM IST MUMBAI: After a dismal performance in 2013, cadaver donations in the city have shown a healthy rise this year. A total of 19 cadaver donations have already taken place in the first… Continue Reading →

Indian-origin doctor finds ‘solution’ to problem of organ preservation

Malathy Iyer,TNN | Feb 21, 2014, 12.43 AM IST   Dr Hemant Thatte, a senior cardiovascular surgeon at Harvard University MUMBAI: A Mumbai-born doctor could well revolutionize the world of organ transplants. Dr Hemant Thatte, a senior cardiovascular surgeon at Harvard University who was born in Dadar… Continue Reading →

#India – A village full of eye donors in Haryana, #organdonation #mustshare

Pardeep Rai, TNN Aug 13, 2013, YAMUNANAGAR: Realizing the importance of organ donation, almost all the residents of Kanalsi village, 10km from Yamunanagar, have pledged to donate their eyes. The village with 250 houses and 2,500 people, has launched a campaign to enroll all the… Continue Reading →

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