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#India – The rugged road to justice,when offenders are govt officials

V. VASANTHI DEVI, The Hindu , March 28,2013 UGLY TRUTH: A custodial death is perhaps one of the worst crimes in a civilised society governed by the rules of law. Photo: V. Sreenivasa Murthy The circumstances surrounding the custodial death… Continue Reading →

#Gujarat-Dalit Blood Taints Narendra Modi’s Claims

By Anand Teltumbde 08 December, 2012 Countercurrents.org During the state sponsored carnage of Muslims in 2002, Dalits in Gujarat were unduly defamed having performed the role of foot soldiers of the Hindutva forces. These were stray incidents in Ahmedabad wherein… Continue Reading →

The other September 11 tragedy

  Crimes against scheduled castes have actually increased, according to the government’s own figures. But a fact-finding team in Tamil Nadu, where on September 11, 2011 serious police atrocities against dalits were committed, found that the district administration had little… Continue Reading →

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