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#India – Criminal Paradox of Plenty

Indian laborers separate rotten wheat grains at a storage facility. With such a large population, India cannot afford to waste grain. (Narinder Nanu /Getty Image Kamayani Bali Mahabal- aka Kractivist India is a criminal paradox of plenty -overflowing godowns and… Continue Reading →

#India – Are we being made Guinea pigs ? #UID #Aadhaar

-Kamayani Bali Mahabal  UID   is a 12 digit number in addition to PAN Card, Passport,Ration Card,Driving License,BPL Cards, NREGA Card and similar cards issued by both State and Central Government .However,unlike these need  based identities issued to citizens of… Continue Reading →

UID project: Does evidence matter? #aadhaar

  Reetika Khera  Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi [email protected] The Indian government has been pushing to make UID compulsory, and is now moving towards charging for use of authentication services. This article asserts that the three key selling points of… Continue Reading →

#India – Effective PDS lifted 38 million people out of poverty in 2009-10

Case for food security: Effective PDS implementation by states has helped pull millions out of poverty By Avinash Celestine, ET Bureau | 10 Nov, 2013, ​New research argues that the public distribution system lifted 38 million people out of poverty in… Continue Reading →

#India – Food security Bill – the devil is in the detail

  REETIKA KHERA, The Hindu    Per capita entitlements under the food security bill will not cover beneficiaries as comprehensively as household entitlements The government hopes to secure in this session of Parliament, approval for the National Food Security Bill… Continue Reading →

India’s Jump from the Granary to the Plate

 August 1, 2013 Jean Drèze, The Hindu Despite its many flaws, the food security bill is an opportunity to end the leakages from the PDS and prevent wastage of public resources The National Food Security Bill, now an ordinance, has… Continue Reading →

#India- Why the Food Security Bill is neither populist nor unaffordable

    The official poverty threshold is low. Many people above the threshold are also poor and look just like the people below the threshold. As a result, there is no reliable way in which subsidies can be targeted only… Continue Reading →

#India – Cash transfers are bad for food security

MADHAVI CHERIAN, The Hindu    SILO TO BAG: The government’s decision to promote cash transfers in the National Food Security Bill ignores crucial lessons from India’s past at a time when it needs to intervene on both the demand and… Continue Reading →

#India – Counting the costs of direct cash transfers

Madan Sabnavis  April 22, 2013  BS The government urgently needs to consider 5 ‘Ss’ before it launches itself into this commitment As a rule, the government likes creating new structures without fully understanding their implications and then disbanding them once… Continue Reading →

#India – Food Security Bill is affordable

REETIKA KHERA, The Hindu The subsidies meant for the poor are always under attack, while the rest are able to retain their privileges. The additional allocation in grain and money terms will neither distort the grain market nor place a… Continue Reading →

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