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What is the Science of Encounter Killings in the Saffron Lab

A magnificent piece of investigative film-making by Shubhradeep Chakravarty who tragically passed away just a few years after making this film and other hard hitting exposes of the regime that now rules India. Encountered on Saffron Agenda is a documentary… Continue Reading →

The Bhagana Gang Rape and Power Games #Vaw #Mustread

Neha Dixit, May 31, 2014 The gangrape of the four Dalit girls in Bhagana is a brazen cocktail of caste, crime and feudal mindsets. On April 17, the day India was polling at 121 constituencies in the fifth phase of the ongoing General Elections, four girls… Continue Reading →

#India – Wanted: Gender sensitive political leaders

  By Ajitha Menon “Enjoy..! It’s just like being raped, yaar! You can shout or you can enjoy. Nothing more than that”… This was what matinee idol Dev alias Deepak Adhikari, Trinamool Congress candidate from Ghatal constituency in West Bengal, had… Continue Reading →

India Politics So Dangerous to Women They Keep Out

By Swapna Majumdar WeNews correspondent Friday, May 16, 2014 India’s marathon national elections have added to the collective toll of vicious, sometimes deadly, violence against political women. Only 8 percent of this year’s candidates were women and advocates point to… Continue Reading →

Gujarat- Outsiders in their own land

Outsiders in their own land 1 Author(s): Soma Basu @sbasu_in  May 15, 2014 | Gujarat government eyes limestone underneath land cultivated by Sikh farmers, curbs their ownership rights Nirmal Singh, a farmer in Panandhro village, shows limestone in his farmland (Photo: Soma… Continue Reading →

India Elections – Secular Anthem- We Pledge not to Vote Modi #AbKiBaarModiKiHaar

  सौगंध हमें इस मिटटी कि, हम देश नहीं मिटनें देंगे हम देश नहीं बिकने देंगे, हम देश नहीं झुकने देंगे । सौगंध हमें इस मिटटी कि, मोदी को वोट नहीं देंगे ये धरती हम से पूछ रही, कितना लहू… Continue Reading →

Poll Campaign Gets Shriller, Dirtier Modi plumbs the depths

Poll Campaign Gets Shriller, Dirtier Modi plumbs the depths By Praful Bidwai Many Narendra Modi zealots are acting as if he had already been sworn in as Prime Minister, or as if that were only a matter of time. They… Continue Reading →

Mr Modi’s Gujarat political model #NOMOre_2014

Rajinder Puri   Addressing an election rally in Nanded, Maharashtra , the constituency of former Congress Chief Minister (CM) Mr. Ashok Chavan, Mr. Narendra Modi lashed out at the Congress party for allowing the former CM to contest the current… Continue Reading →

Bihar’s endless feudal violence

Kavita Krishnan The politics of opportunism masquerading as secularism does great damage to the real battles being fought on the ground for justice against communal and feudal bias In the early hours of Bhagat Singh’s martyrdom day on March 23… Continue Reading →

मूल्य विहीन राजनीति अपने पापों को धोने के लिए भगत सिंह की शरण ले रही है

मूल्य विहीन राजनीति अपने पापों को धोने के लिए भगत सिंह की शरण ले रही है Posted by: Amalendu Upadhyaya March 24, 2014 in खोज खबर  मोदी ने भगत सिंह को अंडमान भेजकर यह साबित कर दिया है कि उनका और भाजपा का… Continue Reading →

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