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Not just Aadhaar: your privacy is under threat from all kinds of players #UID

By R Jagannathan Reuters The privacy of India’s citizens is under threat, thanks to a weak state. By weak state one means the absence of a strong basis in law for most of the acts allegedly carried out on behalf… Continue Reading →

Private #Censorship and the Right to Hear

Posted by Chinmayi Arun at Jul 18, 2014 I Very little recourse is available against publishers or intermediaries if these private parties censor an author’s content unreasonably. The article was published in the Hoot on July 17, 2014 and also mirrored on the website of… Continue Reading →

Facebook Secret experiment – tweaked feeds of 6 lakh users #Privacy

Kim Arora,TNN | Jun 29, 2014, 06.23 AM IST Facebook’s psychological study of users proves existence of an “emotional contagion” through social networks, that is, a user’s own emotions reflect what he or she sees more of in his or her newsfeed…. Continue Reading →

Glenn Greenwald: ‘What I Tell People Who Say They Don’t Care About Their Privacy’

  June 20, 2014  | Since he obtained and published Edward Snowden’s leaked National Security Agency documents a little more than a year ago, journalist Glenn Greenwald said people have told him over and over that government surveillance does not concern… Continue Reading →

Aadhaar’s tryst with privacy #UID

  Usha Ramanathan It must be very embarrassing for the UIDAI. They are having to become the champions of ‘privacy’ of the persons on their database after holding on to a position that privacy was not an issue in the… Continue Reading →

Magician Nandan Nilekani and the Magic Number #UID #Aadhaar

Nandan Nilekani! (Cartoon –  courtesy Outlook). Kamayani Bali Mahabal aka Kractivist Do you remember the fable ‘ The Emperor’s clothes ‘ ? There is an Emperor who likes wearing new clothes so much that he changes his clothes every hour…. Continue Reading →

#India – Are we being made Guinea pigs ? #UID #Aadhaar

-Kamayani Bali Mahabal  UID   is a 12 digit number in addition to PAN Card, Passport,Ration Card,Driving License,BPL Cards, NREGA Card and similar cards issued by both State and Central Government .However,unlike these need  based identities issued to citizens of… Continue Reading →

Parliamentary Committee Report on Cyber Crimes, Cyber Security and Right to Privacy

          The Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology chaired by Mr. Rao Inderjit Singh submitted a report to the Lok Sabha yesterday on the subject of cyber crimes, cyber security and the right to privacy… Continue Reading →

Is India’s biometric benefits database trampling privacy? #UID

By Ram Mashru / 31 January, 2014 In 2009 India announced its grand universal biometric scheme “Aadhaar”. The scheme, managed by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), collects the fingerprints, iris scans and facial images of applicants in exchange… Continue Reading →

Indian media failed Sunanda Pushkar, and now she’s dead

By Rahul Bhatia January 18, 2014 Rahul Bhatia is a writer for Caravan magazine. Shashi Tharoor, a minister in the Indian government, at his wife’s funeral pyre earlier today. Reuters/Adnan Abidi On 1/15, Sunanda Pushkar, the wife of Indian minister Shashi Tharoor, took… Continue Reading →

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