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#India – Maharashtra State desperate to frame new order banning dance bars in Mumbai #WTFnews

Home department, headed by RR Patil, is working overtime to issue a fresh ordinance that will ensure that dance bars are not able to open their doors, despite SC lifting a ban on them. October 08, 2013 MUMBAI Ravikiran Deshmukh,… Continue Reading →

#India- A sick, misogynistic state, Maharashtra #Vaw #Womenrights

Pritish Nandy Finally, after 8 long years, the ban on dance bars in Maharashtra is over. The Supreme Court has upheld the Mumbai High Court’s order to squash the stupid, brutal, insensitive ban. Earlier, the Governor too had refused to… Continue Reading →

Sexist Maharashtra minister defies SC order, dance bars will remain closed #WTFnews

Mumbai: Maharashtra‘s Home Minister R R Patil continues his crusade against the opening of dance bars in the state, in defiance of last week’s Supreme Court order, which lifted the 2005 ban imposed by the state government, calling it unconstitutional.Notwithstanding the Supreme… Continue Reading →

IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Eleven tribal women political prisoners observe hunger strike #protest

IN ORDER THAT THE DEAF GOVERNMENT HEAR, 11 TRIBAL WOMEN PRISONERS OBSERVE A DAY OF HUNGER STIKE!*   On 13th December 2012, eleven tribal women political prisoners will be observing a one day hunger strike for the implementation of various demands… Continue Reading →

Press Release- Serial Hunger strike by 50 tribals of Gadchiroli district incarcerated at the Nagpur Central Prison. #Humanrightsday

( ABOVE IS THE POSTER MADE BY INMATES Around 50 tribals of Gadchiroli district incarcerated at the Nagpur Central Prison as political prisoners have commenced a serial hunger strike from 10thDecember, International Human Rights Day to 21st December 2012  These tribal prisoners… Continue Reading →

Arup Patnaik saved Mumbai from burning

Jyoti Punwani | Agency: DNA | Friday, August 24, 2012 The morale of Mumbai’s police force must be sky-high now that police commissioner Arup Patnaik has been shunted out. The morale of the Muslim community, however, is at rock-bottom. This inverse… Continue Reading →

Poster purge: Mumbai targets Jism 2 #Censorship #Moralpolicing

          MUMBAI: An NCP MLC has succeeded in goading the city’s mayor into playing the moral police. The latest victim is the film Jism 2, starring Sunny Leone, whose posters will now have to be removed from all BEST buses…. Continue Reading →

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