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For Somnath Bharti — You Who Keep your wives separate From your whores

    This is for @attorneybharti (Somnath Bharti): तुम जो पत्नियों को अलग रखते हो वेश्याओं से और प्रेमिकाओं को अलग रखते हो पत्नियों से कितना आतंकित होते हो जब स्त्री बेखौफ भटकती है ढूंढती हुई अपना व्यक्तित्व एक ही… Continue Reading →

Everyday racism of a south Delhi mohalla , Somnath Bharti and the terrible

Last week’s savage attack on a group of Ugandan and Nigerian womenliving in Khirki Extension shocked the country. But what if you have been living in this neighbourhood and witnessing this xenophobia for years? By Aastha Chauhan Delhi Law Minister Somnath… Continue Reading →

SC to hear PIL against ongoing Kejriwal’s dharna #AAPdrama

  PTIDelhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal raises slogans during the second-day protest against police, near Rail Bhavan in New Delhi on Tuesday. TOPICS India Delhi crime, law and justice judiciary (system of justice) justice and rights politics government unrest, conflicts… Continue Reading →

#Racism – Kumar Vishwas of AAP – insults Kerala Nurses #sexist #joke

  Another Racist Joke : kumar viswas Aam Admi party leader insulting Kerala nurses He says—Earlier , When man was sick, he used to go to hospital   poor man he was satisfied there, as the  nurses came from Kerala– black… Continue Reading →

#India – African in Delhi – We are stoned, spat at on roads #Racism

Mallica Joshi, Hindustan Times  New Delhi , January 18, 2014   Imagine walking down a street while children pelt you with stones. Also imagine, being a 12-year-old who no one is willing to play with or someone who is regularly bullied… Continue Reading →

Xenophobia, Racism and Vigilantism – Danger Signals for AAP

January 17, 2014   by Aditya Nigam      The bizarre drama yesterday, involving one of the Aam Aadmi Party ministers, Somnath Bharti, should make the AAP leadership sit up and think. Here is a brief extract from a report:   Less… Continue Reading →

Somnath Bharti – AAP true colors -racism and violent vigilantism against women

They held us in taxi for 3 hrs, took urine samples, said black people break laws’ Written by Ananya Bhardwaj | New Delhi | January 17, 2014   Two of the four African women who were taken to a hospital for tests… Continue Reading →

#Racism – Indian student in coma after being attacked in Australia

India Today Online  New Delhi, December 30, 2013 An Indian studying in Australia is in a coma after being attacked by a group of people over the weekend. According to Australian media reports, Manrajwinder Singh, the 20-year-old accounting student supposed to spend… Continue Reading →

Indian Actor booked for abusing Dalit

DC | Maharshi Raghava. Hyderabad: Tollywood actor Maharshi Raghava was booked for allegedly abusing and threatening a Dalit victim on Tuesday. The Ramachandrapuram police booked a case against the actor for SC/ST atrocity and criminal intimidation. The victim, P. Eswaraiah, alleged… Continue Reading →

Roma in Europe: Guilty until proven innocent ? #Racism

Stigmatization of Roma communities as criminal is disturbing and dangerous, warns UN Independent Expert on minority issues Rita Izsák   GENEVA (29 October 2013) – “The recent activities of some national authorities to remove ‘non-Roma looking’ children from Roma families… Continue Reading →

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