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#India – Modi’s Gujarat ‘less developed’ state: Raghuram Rajan report

    Modi’s Gujarat ‘less developed’ state: Raghuram Rajan report Rajan’s report on overall performance of all 28 states in the country suggests that Gujarat lags behind six Congress ruled states including Karnataka, Maharashtra and Kerala. NEW DELHI: Reserve Bank… Continue Reading →

#India- Inequality matters #poverty,what statistics say

 Radhicka Kapoor   Posted online: Tuesday, Mar 05, 2013 , FE Given the average GDP growth of 8.5% during FY05 to FY10, the Eleventh Plan target of reducing poverty by 2 percentage points a year was disappointing That poverty in… Continue Reading →

Mr “Money doesn’t grow on trees” spends Rs 7721 per head on dinner #Manmohansingh

  image, courtesy -pagall patrakar at fakingnews.com By Shankkar Aiyar 30th September 2012 , new indian express History, they say, repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce. In India’s political economy, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish the tragedy… Continue Reading →

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