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#Sundayreading – Ramabai Nagar: 17 Years, 11 deaths, 26 injured and Justice is still awaiting

Submitted by TwoCircles.net on 13 July 2014 – By Yogesh Maitreya, Daisy Katta, “That firing was something as if it was firing of India and Pakistan war” said Bhante Kashyap, reminiscently, one of the eye witnesses of Ramabai Nagar homicide of 1997, in the… Continue Reading →

Ghatkopar’s Ramabai Nagar: Where the Republic still lives

Feb 2, 2012,  By Javed Iqbal, Mumbai, DNA Early on the morning of July 11, 1997, at Ramabai Nagar in Ghatkopar, a woman claimed to see the statue of iconic leader BR Ambedkar desecrated. Within a few hours, angry Dalits… Continue Reading →

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