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SC questions Centre’s power to allocate coal blocks

PTI | Jan 24, 2013, The Supreme Court has said that the Mines and Minerals Act gives no power to the Centre to allocate coal blocks to companies. NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Thursday questioned Centre’s power to allocate coal blocks to companies,… Continue Reading →

Online #censorship: How government should approach regulation of speech

2 Dec, 2012, 06.21AM IST,  ET If the government’s answer to ‘bad’ online content is more censorship, more surveillance and more regulation, then they are doing it wrong. By: Sunil Abraham Why is there a constant brouhaha in India about… Continue Reading →

#India #BreakingNews- #Mumbai Police Blocks FOX and Discovery channels on #digitalcable #Censorship #WTFnews

Nov1, 2012, 3.00pm I love ‘ Fox Crime : Channel and Alfred Hitchock presents my favourite, so as I switched my  television today to watch my favourite show, this is what i saw Cursing my remote I again  started surfing channels, then auto scanning channels… Continue Reading →

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