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#India – Who is #Asaram Bapu , self styled #Godman #Dhongibaba

The Saint And His Taint     Who is Asaram Bapu and what keeps his cult going? Jay Mazoomdaar tracks the controversial godman’s legacy from his base in Ahmedabad JAY MAZOOMDAAR 2013-09-07 , Issue 36 Volume 10 Once his name is mentioned,… Continue Reading →

What the Bible Says About Money ,Shocking !

  Monday, 12 Aug 2013 Most people know Sean Hyman from his regular appearances on Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg Television, but what they don’t know is that Sean is a former pastor, and that his secret to investing is… Continue Reading →

#India – Women beaten up for sharing faith in public #Vaw

New Delhi, July 29, 2013: The women were sharing their faith with shop owners and shoppers at a marketplace. Five women were beaten up at a marketplace in Andhra Pradesh while sharing about their Christian faith in public. The women, who… Continue Reading →

Mazar-e-Sharif Suicides: Poisonous Freedom for Afghan Women #Vaw

By Nicola Abé in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan Women in Mazar-e-Sharif have straddled the worlds between Western freedoms and conservative traditions for a decade. As the Taliban gains strength and the West pulls out, Afghanistan’s most liberal city is being plagued by… Continue Reading →

French Riots Intensify Debate Over Face-Veil Ban

By Hajer Naili WeNews correspondent July 30, 2013 Since youth riots last week over a police identity-check of a woman wearing a niqab, France has resumed debate of a 2011 law banning the face veil. Critics of the ban say… Continue Reading →

Sikhs ban civil ceremonies to avoid same-sex marriages #WTFnews

July 25, 2013 Other faiths may follow. United Kingdom, July 22, 2013: Sikh temples have been advised to halt all civil marriage ceremonies on their premises to protect them from possible legal challenges for refusing to conduct same-sex weddings. It… Continue Reading →

How Some Organized Religion Leads to Mental Health Problems

By Valerie Tarico, Alternet Religious Trauma Syndrome: Groups that demand obedience and conformity produce fear, not love and growth. March 25, 2013  | At age sixteen I began what would be a four year struggle with bulimia.  When the symptoms started, I… Continue Reading →

What the Bible Says About #Rape #Gender #Vaw

AlterNet / By Valerie Tarico Christians of many stripes are scrambling to distance themselves and their religion from Republican comments about rape. But a literal interpretation of the Bible is quite disturbing. November 1, 2012  | Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (left) and U.S…. Continue Reading →

Pakistani-American Raps For #Malala Yousafzai #spokenword #poetry #vaw #Taliban

A man holds a candle next a picture of Malala Yousufzai at a school in Lahore. (Photo: REUTERS/Mohsin Raza) By- Suka Kalantari,  at the  theworld.org The day after 14-year-old Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by the… Continue Reading →

#Blasphemy in #Islam: The #Quran does not prescribe punishment for abusing the Prophet #mustread

  Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Oct 2, 2012, In Islam, blasphemy is a subject of intellectual discussion rather than a subject of physical punishment. This concept is very clear in the Quran. In Islam, blasphemy is a subject of intellectual discussion rather… Continue Reading →

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