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Purity Culture Is Rape Culture #Vaw #delhigangrape #1billionrising

E.J. GRAFF, prospect.org JANUARY 4, 2013 The shocking assault in India reveals that rape isn’t about sex—it’s about controlling women’s lives. AP Photo/ Dar Yasin Indian women offer prayers for a gang rape victim at Mahatma Gandhi memorial in New… Continue Reading →

What the Bible Says About #Rape #Gender #Vaw

AlterNet / By Valerie Tarico Christians of many stripes are scrambling to distance themselves and their religion from Republican comments about rape. But a literal interpretation of the Bible is quite disturbing. November 1, 2012  | Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (left) and U.S…. Continue Reading →

#America- Shocking Facts about Rape #WTFnews #Vaw #Torture

Number of States in Which Rapists Can Sue For Custody and Visitation Rights — 31 — and Other Shocking Rape Facts For months now we’ve been subjected to surreal revelations when it comes to what people think about rape. Here… Continue Reading →

#VAW -Raped by stepfather at 13, Forced to illegal abortion #Mexico

We must never forget! RH Reality Check / By Dawn Hill I Was Raped By My Stepfather at 13 and Forced to Get an Illegal Abortion in Mexico I became pregnant, contrary to the “scientific theories” of many modern Republicans…. Continue Reading →

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