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India: Stop Forced Evictions of Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims

Ensure Aid, Safe Return or Resettlement, and Justice for Abuses JANUARY 17, 2014 “The Uttar Pradesh government responded to reports of relief shortages and rising children’s death toll by evicting riot victims from camps. Instead of protecting those in need,… Continue Reading →

#India – Muslim women the faceless Nirbhayas of Muzaffarnagar Camps #Vaw

NARENDRA BISHT Thin cover A woman victim at Loi EXCLUSIVE | COVER STORY: MUZAFFARNAGAR Thread Bared They had invested hope in the village pradhan. He had said he’d protect them. Instead, what happened at his house during the morning of the… Continue Reading →

To Asghar Ali Engineer Saab, I say …

By- Ramu Ramanathan 1. To the local astrologer, I went and asked Junaab: yeh inquilaab kab aayega? 2. His followers prohibited from worshiping idols Yet his lordship prays to his fleet of Rolls Royce engines Instead of blessing his tribe… Continue Reading →

Ahmedabad -‘Tales of Tears’- a play on riots #Theatre

Angela shah, March 4, 2013 Saturday night I went to see a play called “Tales of Tears,” staged by a local group called “Apna Adda.” The story is about a man who is on trial for raping Muslim women during the 2002… Continue Reading →

Poem on the diktat of #Delhi police chief #Delhigangrape #Vaw #moralpolicing

ढीली पोलीस या दिल्ली पोलीस ढीली पोलीस का फरमान आया है , दिल्ली से समाचार पत्रो मे , वक्तव्य छपवाया है , अपनी बहादुरी , बोधिकता का मिला जुला असर , बताया है … दिल्ली की बिटिया रानी को ,… Continue Reading →

Two Muslims who took on the Azad Maidan rioters- #mustread

  HAVE FAITH, WILL NOT FIGHT While last Saturday’s riots stoked resentment against Muslim leaders, two members of the community taught a few others that Islam is about humanity Jyoti Punwani , Mumbai Mirroe, August19,2012 Even as the leaders of… Continue Reading →

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