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Sanal Edamaruku faces death threats and jail for pointing weeping Jesus, as Bad Plumbing #Rationalism

Jesus wept … oh, it’s bad plumbing. Indian rationalist targets ‘miracles’ Guardian Sanal Edamaruku faces jail for revealing ‘tears’ trickling down a Mumbai church statue came from clogged drainage pipes   A statue of Christ in Mumbai. Local people declared… Continue Reading →

The Story of Rationalist Movement in India #bookreview

  Review by Dilip Simeon   Disenchanting India: Organized Rationalism and Criticism of Religion in India-By Johannes Quack Oxford University Press, New York, 2012 ISBN 978-0-19-981260-8; 978-0-19-981262-2 (pbk) Review by Dilip Simeon, for H-Asia, a part of H-Net: http://www.h-net.org/ asia/ On March… Continue Reading →

Withdraw case against Sanal Edamuruku -#Rationalist #FOE #Miracle

JOHN DAYAL, VETERAN JOURNALIST AND MEMBER, NATIONAL INTEGRATION COUNCIL | Issue Dated: July 22, 2012, New Delhi, Sunday Indian Sanal Edamuruku, or for that matter Rationalists International, were not names the Indian Catholic Church was familiar with before it ran… Continue Reading →

India’s god laws fail the test of reason #Rationalist #FOE #Miracle

  6 May 2012 , By Praveen Swami , The Hindu Police investigation of Sanal Edamaraku for debunking a “miracle” at a church is a crime against the Constitution. Early in March, little drops of water began to drip from… Continue Reading →

FIR against rationalist for questioning ‘miracle’

MUMBAI MIRROR 17 APRIL 2012: Man files complaint against Sanal Edamaruku who dismissed water dripping from Jesus statue as due to capillary action, saying he had made statements against the Church Mumbai was the birthplace of the Indian Rationalist Association… Continue Reading →

Immediate Release-Rationalist under threat of arrest for exposing the “miracle” #FOE

‘FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION UNDER ATTACK’ Sanal Edamaruku, well known rationalist,  under    threat  of arrest for exposing the  “miracle” On 10th March, Sanal Edamaruku, President of the Rationalist International,   flew to Mumbai. The TV channel  , TV-9  had    invited him to investigate… Continue Reading →

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