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One year of #DeMonetisation – Parody- Baar Baar Fenko is going viral

  A small parody, dedicated to the biggest parody ever in India…Celebrating 1 Year of ‘demon’etisation – We are Happy to give this to you, so that you shall sing this on streets, schools and wherever you are on 8th… Continue Reading →

#India- Not to miss: Modi sir’s history class #mustread #Feku #Namo

AKASH DEEP ASHOK NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 12, 2013 | Narendra Modi Scene: A group of impish-looking students are sitting in a class in session. The teacher is seated in a chair on a slightly-elevated podium and speaking to them. Modi: History is treacherous. At times,… Continue Reading →

The #Namo – #Feku Anthem #Satire

    मेरी बात सुन कर देखो हँसना नहीं  आडवाणी जी मिले मुझे रस्ते में खाई उनकी blessing मैंने सस्ते में उसने कहा तुझे मैं अपना डिप्टी बनाऊँ तेरे साथ रह के मैं पीएम इन वेटिंग बन जाऊँ आडवाणी को बोला मैंने… Continue Reading →

Egytian Satirist Bassem Youssef arrives at court in satirical style #FOE

  Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef arrives at High Court wearing outsized version of hat worn by President Morsi in Pakistan university ceremony; rejects claims he ‘insulted’ president and Islam on TV show Ahram Online , Sunday 31 Mar 2013 Egyptian… Continue Reading →

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