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#Sundayreading -Gujarat Science Lesson : Stem Cells In Mahabharata, Cars In Veda

    (27 Jul) Gujarat’s new compulsory reading list for government primary and secondary students doesn’t just seek to educate students on “facts” about India’s culture, history and geography. It also has its own take on science, particularly landmark inventions…. Continue Reading →

#India: A Symphony of the Absurd

December 01, 2013 | Ambrose Pinto From: Mainstream weekly, 30 November 2013 To secular Indians, who hold that religion belongs to the private and personal space, two recent national events of three state agencies should be a matter of concern. The… Continue Reading →

The biggest climate victory you never heard of– USA

The fight against coal in the US has achieved great success due to activists’ passion and commitment. Last Modified: 27 May 2012 As long as coal plants are still being built, it doesn’t matter how many wind farms there are,… Continue Reading →

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