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Karnataka Hijab Ban – The Failed Application of India’s Secularism

By- Europa Doley In recent developments on the Hijab Ban, the Karnataka government has restrained students of all schools and colleges under the state Minority Welfare Department from wearing hijab, scarf, saffron shawls, and religious flags to classrooms, saying it… Continue Reading →

Contours of Secularism

Irfan Engineer Triumphant and victorious in the 16th general elections for the Lok Sabha, the Hindu nationalists are attributing their victory as rejection of secularism by the Indian electorate. Modi in one of his election campaign speeches came up with a… Continue Reading →

#India – If Modi Becomes The PM….

Irfan Engineer It is unlikely that Narendra Modi will be elected as the PM of such a diverse and vast country like India. In his election campaign, Modi’s PR machinery’s objective seemed to be to reach out to the electorate… Continue Reading →

Insulation from ideological Assault

Amit Ahuja Susan L. Ostermann   The Hindu Muzzled: Institutions were trampled over by the will of a few powerful individuals during the Emergency, the pogroms against Sikhs in Delhi in 1984 and against Muslims in Gujarat in 2002. Picture shows organisations… Continue Reading →

Sins in the name of secularism

Apr 30, 2014 12:21 AM , By Hasan Suroor   The narrative in which Muslims see themselves as victims of secularism has about as much validity as the Sangh Parivar’s charge of Muslim appeasement. Muslims are not victims of secularism… Continue Reading →

PRESS RELEASE – Defeat Communal Forces in 2014 General Elections, with JAVAB

ANNOUNCING  JANVADI VICHAR ANDOLAN, BHARAT ( JAVAB) A National Campaign for Secularism     The general elections are but a few months away. Many of us have been working for years in the field of human rights, health, water rights,… Continue Reading →

Pravin Togadia’s tweets exposes Narendra Modi’s fake secularism #mustread

Pratik Sinha October 11, 2013 We recently chanced upon a twitter exchange that Pravin Togadia had with some of his followers and it exposes how fake Modi’s secularism is1. Pravin Togadia’s tweets expose Modi’s fake secularism The exchange of tweets shown… Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch

Separate  Between Religion and State Having experienced the ways in which religious fundamentalists have used both armed violence and state power to attack fundamental freedoms, we want to express our alarm at the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and other… Continue Reading →

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