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#India- Political Parties afraid of #RTI

  Let’s ask the political parties what makes them fear public scrutiny Shailesh Gandhi 15-06-2013, Issue 24 Volume 10   Illustration: Vikram Nongmaithem The recent decision of the Central Information Commission (CIC) to bring political parties within the ambit of… Continue Reading →

#Maharashtra Undertrials get #RTI Relief #goodnews #prisonerights

Maharashtra CIC asks authorities to publish info of under trials who completed 50% of their maximum prison term Thousands of under trials, who have completed 50% of their maximum prison term, would get a major relief thanks to the activism… Continue Reading →

#India-The police are outdoing the Taliban #Vaw #moralpolicing

TNN | Jan 16, 2013, MUMBAI: The Bombay Police Act (BPA) of 1951, with its outdated provisions still intact, is now also being used outside the city to rein in citizens in a manner that tramples upon personal liberty and fundamental rights…. Continue Reading →

Disclose psychiatric info under RTI? Yes, says CIC; No, says HC

Pritha Chatterjee : New Delhi, Tue Apr 24 Do psychiatry patients have the right to access records of their treatment? While the Central Information Commission (CIC) directed a mental health hospital to provide this information to a patient, the hospital has… Continue Reading →

Maharashtra amends RTI rules without public consultation

The hushed amendment, which restricts the length of applications to 150 words, has left civil society miffed Shonali Ghosal New Delhi A notification dated 16 January, restricts both the number of subject matter and words in an application such that… Continue Reading →

PPPs also come within the ambit of ‘public authorities’ as defined in the RTI Act

PPPs envisage a certain degree of government control in their functioning so that the decisions taken are in accordance with the objectives for which the partnership was set up. Therefore PPPs also come within the ambit of ‘public authorities’ as… Continue Reading →

Intent can be reason for denying information to applicant

Intent can be reason for denying information to applicant Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly hikes application fee to Rs 500, could also reject request for information Prakhar Jain New Delhi In a move that is clearly against the letter and spirit of… Continue Reading →

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