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Tribute- Sharmila Rege (1964-2013) Pursuing Knowledge for Social Transformation

Economic @ Political Weekly, Vol – XLVIII No. 32, August 10, 2013 | D N Dhanagare In her classroom teaching Sharmila Rege constantly focused on how the interaction of students with the lived experiences of activists in social/ protest movements… Continue Reading →

#RIP- Feminist and Sociologist who studied intersection of gender, caste

  DIVYA TRIVEDI, The Hindu The HinduFile photo of Sharmila Rege. Sharmila Rege – 1964-2013 Sharmila Rege, the scholar whose work on the interplay of patriarchy and caste oppression broke new ground for both sociology and women’s studies in India,… Continue Reading →

Manu, FIaw-Giver- Gender, and their centrality in Ambedkar’s work #Bookreview

For equality Ambedkar tried a fundamental reform of Hindu personal laws, in vain REVIEW Manu, FIaw-Giver Matters of gender, and their centrality in Ambedkar’s work MARY E. JOHN AGAINST THE MADNESS OF MANU: B.R. AMBEDKAR’S WRITINGS ON BRAHMANICAL PATRIARCHY  SELECTED AND… Continue Reading →

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