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#India – Sterilization for Accomplishing Targets -टारगेट पूरा करने के लिए बंध्याकरण! #Vaw #Womenrights

jUNE 13, 2013, Prabhat Khabar ये है हकीकत.. बंध्याकरण पर दबाव नहीं बंध्याकरण शिविरों में महिलाएं दबाव में नहीं आतीं. वे अपनी मरजी से आती हैं. देश में कुछ ऐसी जगहें हो सकती हैं, जहां इस तरह के मामले हों,… Continue Reading →

Protest by Omkeshwar Dam affected Oustees

ओम्कारेश्वर बांध : घोघलगाँव में प्रभावितों की सभा और आन्दोलन की घोषणा Posted by संघर्ष संवाद on शुक्रवार, मई 31, 2013 ओम्कारेश्वर परियोजना प्रभावित गांव घोघलगाँव में 30 मई को हजारों प्रभावितों ने रैली निकालकर आमसभा की. सभा में प्रभावितों… Continue Reading →

कॉमरेड शालिनी को भावभीनी श्रद्धांजलि , Tributes paid to Comrade Shalini

उनके अधूरे कार्यों और सपनों को पूरा करने का संकल्‍प लिया लखनऊ, 4 अप्रैल। कॉमरेड शालिनी जैसी युवा सांस्कृतिक संगठनकर्ता के अचानक हमारे बीच से चले जाने से जो रिक्तता पैदा हुई है उसे भरना आसान नहीं होगा। उन्होंने एक… Continue Reading →

#India- Statue of rape accused adorns this Chhattisgarh village #Vaw #WTFnews

SUVOJIT BAGCHI, The Hindu A statue of former Salwa Judum member-turned-constable Kartam Surya, an accused in several cases of murder, rape and arson, was installed in Dornapal, Chhattisgarh, recently. Photo: Suvojit Bagchi TOPICS crimesexual assault & rape At the peak… Continue Reading →

Outrage over the culture of rape in #India #Vaw #delhigangrape

    By Priyanka Borpujari |  JANUARY 06, 2013   GETTY IMAGES Demonstrators attempt to stop a police car during a protest calling for better safety for women in NewDelhi on Dec. 23. Several thousand students attended the protest, where… Continue Reading →

Usha Uthup , Legendary Rockstar took the Mumbai #TimesLitCarn by Storm !!

  Dec9, 2012, Mumbai    It was a longgg wait , Waiting for 45 minutes outside the door of the hall, of people screaming, the time headlines will be ‘ Usha Uthup Live, and the audience dead”, everyone laughing,  peopel tired of waiting. Then… Continue Reading →

#India- Communal Harmony Awareness Kit

pic – courtesy yogesh baweja  Dear Friends, We are living in times where the communal biases are becoming stronger. These biases are founded upon misconception of history, and present politics. The politics which has its origin in the attempt to… Continue Reading →

60th Anniversary of Ameen Sayani’s -Binaca Geet Mala #Nostalgia

  Today is the 60th anniversary of the day  Geet Mala was first broadcast on Dec 3, 1952, Ameen Sayani. Sayani ran the programme to record-smashing success for nearly 45 years, earning a place among the world’s top broadcasters. The show… Continue Reading →

‘Can 17 lives be paid for with free rice?’

Kamla Kaka, 25, Tribal Activist Why were you angry with the CRPF? At night on 28 June, we were attending a seed festival in our village when CRPF personnel surrounded us and started firing. Many of us lay down on… Continue Reading →

WHIPLASH: 2 paise as the worth of one’s privacy

By SUSHMA PRASAD PUBLISHED: 20:28 GMT, 1 November 2012 | UPDATED: 21:56 GMT, 1 November 2012 Union Minister Kapil Sibal leaves after attending a meeting Two paise may not have any significance for the financial institutions guiding our economy, but it wields tremendous influence on… Continue Reading →

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