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#Sundayreading – Gender Stereotypes Reinforced Post-9/11

By J. Ann Tickner WeNews guest author Sunday, July 27, 2014 As with other wars, masculinity was back in vogue in the United States after 9/11, while women virtually disappeared from newspaper pages and TV screens, says J. Ann Tickner… Continue Reading →

” Women empowerment” linked to ‘ Healthy Hair ‘ ? #WTF advertising

  Advertising’s new poster girls: Feminists Malini Nair | August 11, 2012, Times Crest TRESS BIEN: Male bashing and hair care in one go An ad campaign for beauty products links empowerment to healthy hair – and sparks off a mighty ruckus…. Continue Reading →

Whiter, tighter and what else? Diamond-encrusted vaginas ? # Vajazzling #WTF advertising

Feel like a Virgin Shrabonti Bagchi | August 11, 2012, Times Crest In a country that places an illogically high value on virginity, can a gel that promises ‘vaginal tightening’ be sold as a sexually empowering idea? A new advertising campaign for… Continue Reading →

Avengers’ slum scenes trigger anger in India

Actors in India have been voicing their disappointment at the portrayal of Kolkata in the filmAndrew Pulver Andrew Pulver   guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 8 May 2012  Bad taste … scenes set in India of Bruce Banner – AKA Hulk – in The Avengers… Continue Reading →

Machismo is the Problem, Not the Solution #Vaw #Rape #NCR #Delhipolice

  A number of campaigns against sexual harassment endorse the stereotypes they set out to debunk By Kavita Krishnan Misguided Posters for Delhi Police’s various campaigns against sexual harassment THE STING OPERATION by TEHELKA brought to light several medieval myths that our ‘protectors’… Continue Reading →

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